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Seven Days and counting

It is now seven days till we will be voting and one week since my last post. An “Boy Howdy” have things moved on. We have had better than siz days of fear generated by someone who tried to at  least, to terrorize us, if not outright blow people he hated up.  We had someone who could not get into a “black” church go elsewhere and shoot two people just for being black. An finally we have someone who did get into a place of worship and kill eleven and wound may more on Saturday, just because he was told the Jews were taking over the world.

While the extreme conservatives right does not have a monopoly on this kind of terrorist acts, in this country they do have seem to have a lock on the market.  Ever since the mid 1960’s when I became aware of these kinds of acts I’ve made a small study of the subject.  I recognize that on the extreme left we have had the SLA and the Weathermen all in all the extreme left have been pikers when compared to the extreme right.  Both in numbers killed or wounded and in number of events the Right totally overwhelms the left.  If you think I’m wrong, when please, I really do want your input, post here all the events you think the extreme left did that are on the same order as what was done this past week.  Please, also post every left group you think should be classified as a hate group.  Do limit yourself to the same standards you want applied to the right.

Finally if you haven’t voted yet know this, everyone who does not vote is actually voting for things to stay the same.  Know that if you don’t vote you are doing exactly what those who have created the people who commit theses terrorist acts want.  An yes I do think there are people out there who are creating the  hatred, fear, and loathing that motivated these people to act.  These are people who benefit from the electorate being afraid, be they on the political left or right.  It Does Not Mater!  They aren’t really politically motivated.  They are motivated by POWER.  They have it, they want it, and they will do what ever they need to to keep it.

So Vote and don’t vote in fear, for your fear of the dreaded “Other” is what they want.  Vote for the person who actually has acted and done what you wanted your political representatives to do.  Not what they say they have done, or will do, but what they have actually done.  It is in the public record.  You can find out. Don’t just except what you are told.



 Just because you’ve been told to drink the Koolaid

doesn’t mean you have to.

14 day’s and counting

It is exactly 14 days till Election Day 2018!  That is November 6th.  In many states you can already be voting.  If fact the early voting turnout is record breaking is many places.  I urge everyone reading this to get out and vote.

50 years ago, 1968, I could not yet vote but that election was vitally important to me.  The war in Vet Nam was raging and already I had lost people to it.  Most people did not understand why we were fighting in that far off land.  Many of the reason given by our leaders made no since to those who had to fight it.  Most of the people being drafted were much too young to vote (yes the voting age was 21 way back then).

This was also a time of great unrest in the south and in all of the Black communities thru out the land.  For over a hundred years they had the “Vote” only to have it suppressed with literacy tests, threats and other shenanigans.  Finally they had had enough and started marching to end the  charades of the “Colored Vote”.

This was also the time, once again, that women, once more began to be restive.  Yes, they had the Vote but still, in many places, like California, they could not be a legal ‘person’ if they married.  Believe it or not they were, in the eyes of the law, their husband.

There was great unrest in the land, and the people VOTED.  Maybe we didn’t get exactly what we wanted but we VOTED and we excepted the vote.  Some voted with their heart, some with their heads, some voted their self interest, some voted  oppress and others to free.  But they VOTED.

Make no mistake about it, this Mid-Term election of 2018 is going to make the history books.  The times are achangin’ for good or ill.  Your voice maybe small but when joined with others it can be a mighty host.

So get out and Vote.  

Blame it on Obama

Earlier this week I was talking with a friend of mine who also happens to be a Republican and he said something I found both fascinating and frightening.  Just how we got onto the subject I don’t remember, and it is not really important.  What is important is what he said.  “It’s the Democrats fault that we have Trump as President now.  If they hadn’t nominated Obama a second time Trump wouldn’t be President.”

Now just think about what he said for a minute.  What he is saying is that it is Trump got the Republican nomination and was elected President because the Democrats nominated Obama for a 2nd term, and he one.  That Trump’s election is a reaction to electing Obama.  Not Hillary Clinton being nominated, but Obama four years before! What we have here is a great example of ‘Gaslighting’ and blaming the victim.

I will tak on ‘Blaming the Victim’ first.  Just to be totally clear this is what the local bully says, when you were a little kid, says “If you’d just do what I say, I wouldn’t need to bound on you” an you have no idea what he want’s you to do/say.  It is what many a wife beater says and what many of the beaten wives too often think.  And it is so untrue it is unbeleaveable anyone would except it.

Somepeople think/accept this because they have been systematically Gaslighted by someone.  They have drunk The “Koolaid”.  This is just the thing this blog is about fighting.  My friend who send this, say he did not support Trump.  I belieave him.  But then he says something like this and I have to wonder.  Is he just casting about looking for someway to  assuage his conscience for what his political party has inflicted on this country, or what.  Fortunately for both of us, I did not, accept quietly the ‘Koolaid’ being offered.

I asked him several question about just how he got to the point that our having Trump as President was Obama’s fault, or the Democrats fault For nominating him.  After much obviscation we finally got around to the point that it was because Obama was such a bad President.  I was good and did not ask if this meant that the Republicans elected Trump just to show they could do worse.  I did point out that it could just be that, yes Trump is a response to Obama being elected.  Because many people were quite upset that their was “An uppity niger” (Yes I know it is the  offensive ‘N’ word.  It is meant to be offensive).  He, of course took exception as ‘he’ can’t possibly be ‘racist’.  I’m sorry.  I have known many racist in my life, and most of the Americans who were denied it  vehemently. They don’t get that if you act/talk/support racist people/actions/speach you just maybe racist.  I also have learned that direct confrontation is more often than not, the correct way to deal with it.  It is better just to ask a question, my favorite is “Just think about what you sound like right now?”

I have hope for my friend, he has reached the third stage of recovery, denial.  Next is acknowledgement and then change.  Hopefully it will happen before 2020.

Remember November 2016

 As it is exactly 28 days to the mid-term elections I thought it appropriate to point out some things I’ve been thinking about.  First and foremost this time two years ago ‘everyone’ knew that Hillary was going to win the election and be our next President.  Didn’t happen.  It is not my place to say why, others with more expreance,   Insight, and information have written mountains of things on the subject.  I dare say even more will be written in the future.  After all Donald Trumps win was stunning in more ways than one and is truly one for the history books.  No here I want to talk about something my folks thought me…..”Hope for the best, prepare for the worst”.

What I’m doing now is doing everything I can, as little as it is, to get the vote out. But living in California, an a liberal part for that mater, there is very little I can do.  So what I’m concentrating on is preparing myself mentally and spiritually for the GOP keeping control of the House and picking up some seats in the Senate.  Liberals and progressives have to be ready for all those people who have “left” the GOP to find it next to impossible to vote for a Democrat. They will either stay home or vote the same old way they have always done.  To have a true Blue Wave we need every vote we can get.  Most particularly in all of the Red States and Districts if this is going to work.

Finally all of the Blue bastions, States, Counties and districts need to get ready for a TON of retaliation to come down on our heads.  The Trumpkins belieave in taking  vengeance on EVERYONE they think just may have been anything less than totally loyal and dutifull.  We must be ready for some very long hard times in the next two years as Trump and his supports do everything they can to drive the Not Trump Vote into the ground.  An to all those conservatives out there, this mean you too, if you haven’t been loudly, publicly, unthinking supporter of TRUMP,  THE GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER.


See you at the poles in four weeks and if you don’t vote just remember “It is just as much your fault as all those who vote for the GOP/Trump”.