A new mission

Today I am repurposing this site to ending the Post-Truth era of American politics.   I promise to stand against the idea that worlds mean only what the speaker thinks (says) they mean.  That road leads to insanity.  To start this battle I will say this about logic and reason.

For those of you who are not really familiar with logic let me say this:  In most forms logic a statement has three states, not two most people think.  A statement can be can be “True”, it can be “not True” (False) and fianly it can be “undefined” (that is there is no way to no if the statement is iehtger True or False).  A great deal of logical reasoning involves moving a statement from the undefined state to either the Ture or the False state.  Sometimes it is impossible to do this, and this is the problem we are facing.

In the coming days all Americans will be faced with the problem of deciding just what our elected and appointed leaders are telling us and in this new Post-Truth age it will not be easy.  It is to this effort of finding out just what statements are True, are False or are still undefined that I rededicate this blog.  I will label as “Undefined” (U) any reports or comments that come to me without proper citation(s).  I will research each and every source of a statement to the best of my ability to let you know where the statement came from and what it is passed on.  I will tell you if I then find the statement True (T) or False (F) and will live it up to you to judge for yourself.  Finally I will call out every instance of anyone basing the truthfulness of a statement solely on what they believe.

This is my promise to you.

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