Reaping the Whirlwind

To all of the voters out there who voted for Trump because he would shake things up.  Congratulations, your going to get your wish.  Unfortunately your not going to like the changes your in for.

There is what I’m told is an old Chinese Curse:

May you live in interesting times

May people in high places know your name

May all your wishes come true

I truly belieave that the election of Donald J Trump has brought down this curse upon your head.  Unfortunately a lot of not so innocent bystanders, myself included, are in the damage zone.

You wanted to shake things up.  To though out all the corrupt politicians (an by this you meant every politician that didn’t agree with you).  To ‘drain the swamp’.  Someone who talks straight and says what he means.  Be happy, your going to get all these things and more.

Trump is well on his way to shaking every thing up, unfortunately it is going to be more like a magnitude 7+ earthquake on alluvial than on bedrock. An just like an earthquake on alluvial  there is going to be way more collateral damage than expected by those who wish to shake things up.  So be happy with everything falling down around your head, you have gotten what you wished for.