First Rule!

First rule of Plutocracy is don't talk about PlutocracyAs  Inauguration Day approaches American’s are starting to learn the first rule of the next four years.  We will be having a great time while the Plutocrats and their running dogs (Sorry, I just could resist it) to learn the first rule of the new age.  I thought I’d share a few more for my fellow, benighted liberals:

  1. Don’t talk about Plutocracy
  2. Then Man on top is ALWAYS Right
  3. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain
  4. When something goes wrong, it is either the fault of the designated fall guy(s) or it never happened.
  5. When things go right all Credit MUST go to the Man on Top
  6. No one, ever, may criticize, or appear to criticize, the leadership and most especially the Man on Top
  7. The people who are not granted ‘Grace’ by the people on top are only ‘good’ if they know their place and keep to it.
  8. Anyone who does not know their place or does not keep to it must be  immediately and severely ‘ disciplined’.
  9. Don’t talk about the rules of Plutocracy
  10. he who has the most wealth WINS it all

Members of Congress and all RED state governments please take note.