A Would Be Dictator

Never in the entire history has a President ever talked in public about postponing an election, much less a “Presidential” election. Not in world wars, not in civil wars, not in great depressions and not in epidemics. Not once, not ever. Till now.

For those who do not know yet President Donald J. Trump has called for “Postponing” the National election this November. To be clear, if he hadn’t already been Impeached by the House of Representatives and given a Free pass by the Senate on strictly partisan vote this would be grounds for impeachment if he does more than just tweet about it.

Fortunately the Speaker of the House, the Majority Leader of the Senate and even members of the FEC have told him not only that he can not do it on his own they will not let this happen. No, Nadda, nyet, never!

I see only one bright spot in this debacle, Donald J. Trump has shown his true dictatorial ambition. But sadly it is going to help destroy the once Great Old Party, the Republicans. It is too late for the GOP, they have drunk the poison KoolAid. After the debacle of the impeachment vote in the Senate where they wouldn’t even bother to listen to a single price of evidence or a single witness. Not after did nothing distance themselves from the MAGA madness. All that can be done now is to let the GOP burn itself down and do everything we can to keep the self-immolation of the party not take any thing else with it.

While I have voted for Republicans in the past I shall never be able to vote for anyone with that “R” after their name on a ballot. For the same room I can not vote for a “National Socialist”, or a “Communist”, or a “Dixiecrat”. The beliefs these name stand for are an anathema to anyone who believes in “Truth, Justice, and the American Way”.

VOTE! Nov 3 2020