Fear and Lothing of the Death Lobby

Yesterday the Death Lobby (AKA the Gun Lobby) chocked up another victory in the US Senate with the defeat of four (4) amendments related to the dreaded Gun Control.  Not that any of these measures would have prevented Orlando.  Nor would they have taken a single firearm from anyone.  They were, obviously the first step by the ‘Govment’ to come and take away your most fundamental freedom.  Not speech, not religion, nor even life, but the most basic right to keep and bear a devise who’s designed to denigh another their right to life.

The Death Lobby is right, the right to keep and bear arms is the first and most fundamental right of Americans that we can not even prevent someone who is suspected of being a terrorist from buying one.  We can keep him from flying. We can keep him from buy both fuel oil and fertilizer at the same time. We can send him to Guantanamo with out even a single hearing.  But we can’t make him wait 48 hours to get his assault rifle.

I think we need to no longer say Welcome to America, the Land of the free and home of the brave.  We should instead say Welcome to Americal the land of the Armed and the home of the Dangerous.  We should accept the fact that we are no longer brave, we are fearful.  We have exchanged our love of law for love of fightfulness.