Nehemiah Scudder LIVES!

If_This_Goes_On_ASFFor those of you who don’t recognize the name Reverend Nehemiah Scudder is a character from the Robert A. Heinlein,’s novella “If This Goes On—“.  The story takes place in the 2nd American Revolution and Reverend Nehemiah Scudder is the last elected president under the old constitution and the ‘First Prophet’ of the theocracy that takes it’s place.  What interests me is that the story was first published in 1940 when totalitarianism was riding high.

People who know me now I use the phrase “Nehemiah Scudder LIVES!”  When I think I see the rise of a totalitarian leader in the U.S.  Unfortunately I see that possibility rising it’s ugly head in this election, at least on the GOP side.  The GOP, for all practical purposes , is down to one of two candidates; Donald Trump, and Sen. Ted Cuz. Both are extreme candidates and both are Authoritarian Leaders. Both could lead to an Authoritarian, Totalitarian USA.  I won’t both with listing all of the possible ways and forms the USA can come to this fate.  I will talk about the two distinct forms each of the candidates could create.

 In some ways, the Totalitarian state that Donald Trump wining the Presidency could lead to is the lesser of two evils.  It most likely not be based on any political or social ideology, rather it would be based on self aggrandizement.  It would also be one of the most corrupt administration in U.S. History. It most likely no survive Trump not being based on anything other than the cult of personality for Donald Trump.

A Cuz state is much more likely to go on long after ‘Ted’ Cuz has left the scene as Sen. Cuz is much more ideologically driven.  Just from his speeches and writings Sen. Cuz be leaves and practices a political/theological ideology.  From my own personal research I would wager that Sen. Cuz is a strong believer in Dominion Theology.  I would fully expect him to do everything in his power to move the USA in the direction of his vision of a Christian Nation and that vision will be based on his personal beliefs. This could easily lead to USA that Heinlein envisioned in his story.

So, come Nov. 1st, remember to VOTE because if you don’t vote you just might get the government you voted for.