“No me, Dem’s do it!”

One of my mothers favorite story’s to tell about myself and my Coz Sherry is when we were both still toddlers.  We had both been put down in a crib for a nap together.  My Momma and Sherry’s then when into the kitchen for coffee.  A little while later they hear a crash from the room we’d been put down in.  On entering the room they see the crib collapsed on the floor with Sherry standing holding on to the bars of the crib.  As soon as Sherry saw our mothers in the door she said “No Me! Gim do it!”  I was still laying down looking totally shocked from the rude awakening.

I tell this story because this is just what the GOP and the current Administration are saying about the current Cruel and Immoral policy of separating children from their parents.  The GOP say’s it all the fault of the ‘liberals’, and/or Democrats and/or Clintons who created the law they are only inforceing.  The problem facing the Administration & the GOP is the same as the one faced by my Cuz, the evidence puts to lie, totally, what they are saying.

Make no mistake, this policy is totally the responsibility of the current administration and all those Republicans who support it.  It is cruel.  It is immoral.  It is wrong and it is totally Un-American.  Be sure, America is watching, America knows who did this and who to hold responsible.

November is coming and this election is going to be about just what America stands for.  This tragic event has put the one overriding issue in clear focus.  What kind of America are we?  Are we the America of the Statue of Liberty or the America of Trump!  It is time to stand up and be counted.