Orange KoolAid VI

Orange Koolaid

As things stand now

With the almost totally party-line vote to acquit Donald John Trump last week we are now getting to see just what comes next. For starters we have seen the attacks on the one member of the Senate who was brave enough to vote his own conscious. What is truly amusing is Pres. Trump’s saying that Sen. Romney used his religion to hide behind.

Now I do not like or support Sen. Romney but I do respect him. I respect him when he says he was guided by his religious faith in his vote and I believe him. I have known quite a few Later Day Saints (LDS aka Mormons) in my life and they all took their faith both respectfully and honorably. Not to say there haven’t been LDS who didn’t, just that the one I have met did. I do know this, the Utah LDS will not take this kind of attack sitting down. I can not think of a more seriously wrong place to make such as an attack as where Pres. Trump picked. Pres. Trump has only succeeded in strengthIng Sen. Romney in his home state.

An, now, today, we have the reported resignation of a federal prosecutor involved in the Stone trial over the Pres. interference with the sentencing recommendation we have some more. It is bad enough that A.G. Barr has taken personal control of any authorizations of investigations of Presidential candidates by the JD. It is bad enough that a formal connection between Giuliani and the JD in regards to the Biden/Ukraine investigations. Now we have the ’ham handed’ attempt to influence the sentencing of a personal friend by the President.

What’s next, Pardons? If so I hope he does it before November.