Some Thoughts on Impeachment

I am Back! Sorry to be absent for so long, no excuses I just didn’t feel like writing when I didn’t have much to say.

Before I start let me point out that I do not like/approve/support in anyway Pres. Donald J. Trump. I have disliked him long before he came down the ‘gold’ escalator. Mostly I disliked him because I saw too much of my Grandmother ‘S’ who suffered from the same mental disorder. So on with my thoughts on impeachment.

At this time I do not support the Impeachment of Pres. Trump at this time. My reasoning is simple, the 2020 is just about 20 months away and Impeachment takes a long time. Don’t be leave me, just look how long it took to impeach both Nixon and/or Clinton. In both cases the investigation to the House passing the Impeachment took almost as many months as we have left till the election. If the sole purpose of Impeachment is to remove from office Pres. Trump it is a great waste of time. It also could lead us into even bigger problem. Could an Impeached President be elected to the Presidency in a later election.

Thought Experiment:

It is September 2020 and the Senate votes conviction of Donald J Trump. On 3 November 2020 Donald J Trump is re-elected President. Now what? Do we have to go thru the whole Impeachment process once more? Do we hope (and pray) the Electoral College has the good since not to elect him President?

Some will say this is far fetched. I agree but in October 2016 Trump wining the election was far fetched. As was the blatant influence of our election by Russia. I keep remembering what my statistics professor kept telling us…”Low probably doesn’t mean No probably.” So when dealing with Pres. Trump we should always remember November 2016.