Super Tuesday!

This is NOT just my usual get out and vote posting. In one week it will be Super Tuesday and for the first time since I started voting way back in 1972 my vote in the California primary will matter. Every time before, when we voted in June, the parties candidates had already been decided. I can not tell you what a bummer that was.

This year California is a player! Sure there are a lot of other states playing but none of them come close to being as big as California in delegate count at 415 up for grabs. An thank God, we are not a winner take all state this year. So your vote is going to mater because to get even 1 delegate a candidate is going to be ‘viable’ what ever that means. The process is both complex and confusing but all you need to know is that your vote matters to every candidate to get to the magic percentage of 15%. (Don’t ask me 15% of what, I don’t know but you can look it up on Google if it is important to you.). So get out and vote!

As for who to vote for, I’m not going to say. Most of the candidates are good people who just might do a good job as President. In fact there are only two I think will not do the job, and I’m not going to tell you who they are. Why? Because this post is about getting you out to vote for the person you think will do the best job. That’s right, not the person who you think can beat Donald J. Trump, not the “Most Electable”, no, the one who will do the best job. The one you think will do the best for you, who you agree with and who will do the things you would do if you could.

So if you are like me and still thinking about it I ask you to watch the debates tonight and see who you like. See who you hate and see who doesn’t do anything one way or another. Then go and do a little research on line, or go talk/text/etc with your friends and neighbors and see what they thought. Then think about just what kind of nation you want to live in. Then vote for the best candidate to bring that about.