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Think On It

For the past few days I’ve been following the reaction to what Susan Sarandon has said about Brine, Trump, and Hillary and I just have to put in my two cents worth.  First, I’m not sure if all that is credited to Sarandon is what she has actually said or not.  For my purposes, here, it does not mat as I have heard these things from many sources.  It makes for a good place to start talking.  What I’m about to say is for Liberals, Progressives, and all people who think of themselves as open minded Moderates.  Conservatives, Libertarians, etc.  you can read this too, but it is not really talking to things you really have to deal with in this election.

That said………..

First and foremost; to all those who ‘Feel the Birnie’ who avidly support Sen. Sanders and/or believe in the ‘Revolution’.  To all those who have supported Hillary for years and years, who know that Sec. Clinton as been unjustly attacked for years and years.  To you all, LISTEN UP!  No mater who gets the nomination. They are, both of them, our kind of candidate.  They stand for and fight for the same things we stand an fight for and have for done so for years and years and years.  An to say you will not vote for Brinie/Hillary if he/she is the Democratic candidate is just WRONG.  Ask yourself this do you really want The Donald or the Cruz as president? Because that is what is facing you right now, this very moment.

To those who agree with Ms. Sarandon when she says that Trump as President ‘will bring the revolution’ don’t know what they are talking about.  Look at History for Christ sackes, this is not how it happens.  Just look at the 1920’s and early 1930’s, revolutions all over the place and how many of them ended up with more liberal (free) governments?  China? no.  Germany, Italy, Spain?  No.  Japan?  No. Poland, Yugoslavia?  No.  Only in the USA did anything like a revolution take place and that only happen by our good luck in finding a man like FDR.  Just what kind of country would we have had if Hue Long gotten the nod?  Think on it.  Think on it long and hard.  Just what kind of country would The Donald build? what would Sen. Cuz build? An is it worth it just because the best, I.E. Your, candidate didn’t get the nomination and you, like Ancient Greek hero went and sulked in you tent?

If Senator Sanders or Secretary Clinton does not win this November the responsibility for that will fall on all of the disgruntled liberals who stay home in a fit of peek. Look at how lucky the Democrats are in this election.  We have two outstanding candidates.  We get to choose between best and better and this doesn’t happen very often.  Just look at what the GOP has Bad, Bader, and Blah. We should be happy.  Senator Sanders supporters should be ecstatic, he and they have already made major achievements.  They have gotten the debate on issues, not a debate on the size of their ‘members’.  Secretary Clinton has been encouraged, alright made, to state her positions on these issues and we now have a much clearer feel for what both candidates stand for.  And how well they will do the job.

Think On It