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Go an Vote

Some Good Advice

Well it is that time once more, tomorrow, Nov 3rd, is Election Day. I hope that like me you have already voted but if you haven’t….Please go and Vote tomorrow.

While in this election I can not say I don’t care who you vote for, I do, I feel it is even more important that everyone who can, goes and vote. This is because I feel this is the most important election I’ve ever participated in. This election, more than any other, is for the good of the nation. It is for the Soul of the nation. It is about just what kind of Nation we will be in times to come.

There are a great many forces out there that are doing their best to destroy everything this Nation aspires to be. I don’t need to tell you who these forces are, we have been seeing them at work for the last four years. They want you to think your vote doesn’t mater. That even if you do vote it won’t be counted. That even if it is counted it will be ignored. They LIE.

Yes, there will be some places and people that are doing their upmost to keep people from voting. To keep votes from being counted or hundreds of other things to put a wrench in the process’ of democracy. So VOTE. An more than that watch what happens in the days and week to come. To quote an early American Patriot “Now is the time for all good men to come to the ad of their Country!”

All But the Shouting

Dead GOP

When I was younger we used to have a phrase “It’s all over but for the shouting.” Back then it was all over even if there was still time on the clock. In the late Sixties we started to say this at the start of something, like an election, to say the ‘fix was in’. An so it is now with the Impeachment of Donald John Trump.

Those of us who watch these kind of things knew that Pres. Trump and Senator McConnell were doing everything in their power to get the ‘Fix’ setup in the Senate. It now looks like it truly is ‘All over but for the Shouting”. In fact it seems the only question is will Donald Trump start the shouting at the “State of the Union” or not. I know not what others think, but for me, I’ll wait and see what happens. Also for me what comes after is much more important than the victory celebration of the MAGA.

One of the major arguments made by the GOP was that the “right and proper” place to decide the question posed in the Impeachment was actually the election In November. While I don’t agree with the argument I do agree that with the ‘Fixed’ trial the only place America can correct this travesty of justice is the election. But unlike either the GOP or their MAGA brethren it is not just the -re-election of Donald J Trump that is at stake here. We, the people, must show every one of the Senators who voted to suppress witnesses and then to not convict just what we think of their action.

What must be done is just what happened 46 yeas ago in the election of 1974. Only more so. Every one of the Senators who voted for the ‘Fix’ every Representative who played a part in the farcical actions in the investigation need to be voted out of office. While I do not expect this to happen I do hope and pray that we will witness a wallowing of both MAGA and GOP elected officials that will make the election of 1974 look like a close run thing.

That said I promise you here I will be doing everything in my power to get everyone out to vote. An unlike most election I will not say I don’t care how you vote, just vote. No! This election is much more important than any other in my life. This election is a vote for “Truth, Justice and the American Way”.