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Two weeks in, and counting

It has now been two weeks since Donald Trump has been President and our great experiment into having amateurs running the Administration of the USA.  I really shouldn’t call most of the people in the administration Amateurs, some of them have very respectable resumes.  People like Reince Priebus, who’s politics I hardly dislike, has avery impressive resume. But others like, Stephen Bannon, have no practical experience at all.  Just the kind of person I’d select to be a participant in an experiment in have non-politicians running an administration.

So what can we see so far?  Quit a lot, but just how significant any of it is is hard to say.  Like all experiments in Political Science there can be a great deal of  noise an furry signifying nothing (or very little).  We have had much a do about all the Executive Orders coming out of the White House these past two weeks.  But just what do they mean? An what about the actions that have gotten much less play in the media? Actions like making Stephen Brannon a member of the National Security Council Principles and removing the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Director National Intelligence from that same group? Or the attack where we lost a navy seal and a young girl died?

If I was someone who placed any worth in conspiracy theories I’d be looking for what was being hidden.  But I’m not, so all I’m going to say is.  When faced with an exceedingly complex problem, the simplest explanation is often the answer.  Never credit malice (or evil intent) where simple  stupidity (or incompetence) will suffice.

In either case, simple incompetence or conniving intentions, we need to keep our eyes open and be ready to act.  Both bad intentions, or stupidity can cause great damage to our country.