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We’re not Visigoths

Visigoths Sack Rome

With his Terrible Tweets this weekend threatening to target historical and cultural sites in Iran President Donald J. Trump has shown just what kind of deplorable person he is. I use the word ‘deplorable’ here advisedly. Anyone who wants to take exception and say I shouldn’t call them deplorable, in most case I am not. I am, thought, calling Donald J. Trump a Deplorable person and disavowing this kind of action.

Unlink the people in history like the Huns, Vandals, or Goths who were, in fact, uncivilized barbarians, we, Americans, are not. We do not have the excuse of not reconnecting just what we would be destroying if we do target such sites. These historical/cultural places are not just Iranian, they belong to all the people of the word. An while people like Pres. Trump can not understand this, these sites can not be monetized. They are, literally beyond price. To be responsible for any kind of damage to them is horrible. To do it deliberately is a true crime against humanity.

So lets not forget that the United States has said it would not, not ever, deliberately harm, in any way historical/cultural sites, EVER. That we, the Unites States call out any action that would deliberately target, much less damage, historical/cultural sites as a “War Crime”. Yes, we have done it in the past, and every time we have had to pay a price in reputation much higher than anything we gained in doing it. It is time for the People of the United States to remember just who we are and what we stand for. We must face the question “Are we Americans or are we Vandals?”

In closing I will state this very clearly. Any one, American or not, who supports President Trump in targeting any Historical/Cultural site is just as responsible and just as Deplorable as he is.