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I had planed to write about the 60’s and domestic politics this week but it would seem that Russia and Putin had other ideas.  All I really want to point out is just how silly all of the anti Obama people are acting.  These are the same folks who decried the people who dared questioned the reasons for the 2nd Iraq war.  They told everyone that we should support the President when we were in an ‘international crisis’.  Even one of our own making.  It was the patriotic thing to do, the right thing to do.

Well, now we are in an international crisis that was non of our doing and these same people are telling everyone who will  listen that it is all Pres. Obama’s fault, that he is weak, that he is not acting strong enough with Putin and the Russians.  All this even before we know just what we and our allies in Europe are doing or trying to do.  These same people who have forgotten that G.W. Bush said that he had looked into the eyes of Putin and saw his soul and this was a man we could work with.

I expect that the response to this observation is that GW was talking about himself & the GOP working with Putin, not Obama and the Dems.  I say this, I feel that all Presidents speak for the US in international politics and not for themselves and definitely not for any one political party.  I believe that GW Bush was speaking for the US.

Inclosing I just want to point out that this is a great opportunity for the anti-Obama folks who felt we should to support the President in time of international crisis to tell tell all those folks now attacking the President to sit down, shut-up and let the President do his job with out all there carping.