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Trump & the California Wildfire

Rant alert!

I can not believe just how ignorant President Tweets about the wildfires in California are.  I usually give the people who live east of the Mississippi a little slack in not understanding the water situation here in the west…But Really!  What Pres. Trump says goes beyond stupid into the realms of total asininty.  First off, all the water west of the High Serras will either flow into the sea or end up evaporated into the air.

I have to assume that here is complaining about the laws and rules that  insist that enough water flows into the Sacramento River to keep the sea water of the San Francisco Bay from flowing up river and killing off the fish and other life of the river delta.  Even if we used all the water diverted from the North to the south, letting the southern  San Joaquin Valley, and everything south of the   Tehachapi‘s dry up and blow away it still would not have prevented or put out the wildfires.  California doe not get even half of the rain fall New York gets.

We do use fire brakes in our forests.  Also we do have clear cutting in a lot of our commercially logged woodlands, clear cut does not mean that their is no trees left to burn,  saplings bun to you idiot city boy.  If you ever got out of the city and you resorts into the real world you’d see that.

Inclosing these wildfires are the result of several factors, some natural some not.  This is already a long hot summer after several years of one of the worst droughts in the history of California.  There are a lot of dead trees in our forest that are even dryer do to the higher heat.  Finally it was you, and your Administration that has cut back funding to the federal fire fighting effort.  It is your Department of Land Management that has not adequately funded fire  preparedness and prevention.  So why don’t you get off your fat ass and fly away from your golfing vacation and come out To California to see what is happening here?  Could it be you only care about States that voeted for you?  Or are you just afraid of the reception you’d get here in California, even in the red counties of the north?