“That’s are line!”


This weekend George Will came out saying that “Focus on rape has made ‘Victimhood a Coveted Status.'”  This is funny coming from a movement Conservative. For the entire time I have been aware of politics as ‘The Only Game for Adults’ conservatives have been saying ” The {evil, bad, liberal} {fill in the blank} are attacking us.  We’re the true victims here.”  Will seems to be saying here “For shame, your saying your a victim.  You can’t say that.”

It’s almost as if he thinks that Conservatives have taken out both a copyright and Trade Mark on the word and music.  While I haven’t done even the mildest ‘rigorous’ study it seems to me that for the last six years, more and more, conservatives are taking the view that non-conservatives are making being a victim {fashionable, stylish, coveted…}.  To my way of thinking the is a most egregious case of the kettle calling the pot black.  This is just plain wrong and George Will should be turning bright red with embarrassment have even thought, much less said such a thing.

In the case of RAPE he should hide his face.  By Definition anyone who is reaped is a victim.  Having known a few rape victims I know just how hard, and how much courage it takes to tell anyone they have been raped…much less report it to the authorities.  Our society still makes the victims of rape feel like they have done something wrong.  That they are somehow have done something to be ashamed of.  That they are now, in someway, untouchable.  Until this has changed no one, most especially someone who is a public figure like Mr. Will, should think twice before saying being a rape victim is a coveted status.

More on the GOP/Conservative/Religious Right’s copyright/TM on victim/oppressed in a later post.