The Debate: H1 – T0. Part 2

To continue our review of Trumps performance in the First of the Presedential debates let us look at what is most likely his grievous  error.  His constant interrupting of Hillary when she said something either didn’t like or disagreed with.  This damaged him in two very fundamental ways.  First many many women really really dislike being interrupted by a man when they are talking. Secondly they way Trump intercepted and what he often said sound too much like whining.

Interupting your opponent in a debat can be a very effective tactic but it must NOT be over used. It has to be used properly in content, voice, and timing or it will backfire on the user.  Momma always advised to only use it if your opponent  has acted (said) something  so off the wall and out of there that you can nail them to the wall.  She also said this didn’t happen very often.  In Trumps case he used to often and poorly and at the wrong target.   Trump needed to pay more attention to his demographics in this election.  He is weak in the women’s vote and it behooves him to not increase his negative subliminals in that voting block.  Unfortunately that is exactly what he did.  Every women I’ve ever heard talk about this says that being interrupted by a man when they are talking really ticks them off. This goes for women who are in positions of authority and well as women who are not.  It seems to cover the entire spectrum.  An what does this mean?  If your in a debate with a woman you had be very careful how you interrupt them as you are already on the wrong foot with half of your audience.

The way Trump went about interupting Hillary went totally over board.  It went so far that even men started to think he was being rude and bulling.  Just imagine what the women watching we thinking.  My guess is they thought Trump was saying something like “Sit down and shut up and let the men do the talking.”  Even worse he did it so badly he did not come off as intimidating.  Not one bit.  An that is where we come to the second point….whining.

Trump interrupted so often and so badly he turned in th a whine, not a bulling dominator.  This will have a very negative effect, subliminally, on those male voters who like him because he is so dominating manly man.  If there is anything that will get this kind of voter to turn on Trump is for them to think that Trump is not as tough as he says he is. If they start thinking he is not as strong as they want him to be they’ll start looking for some other strongman to support.  This is always the problem strongmen have to deal with.  Look weak and if your lucky your support we desert you and if your unlucky they turn on you.

Trump knows he did badly in the debate.  You just have to look at him and his people as they left the venue, it was all over their faces and in their body language.  I imagine Trump is not only worried about his political position but also his business position.  You can bet Trump has more than just a few people out there who would just love to be the one to take him down.