The Orange KoolAid

Orange Koolaid

I thought I’d end this year and start the new with a two parter on Drinking the KoolAid. I’m going to start with what I mean by “Drinking The KoolAid”. So lets get the good old “Way Back Machine” up and running (Mine looks like a big blue box and, yes, it is bigger on the inside than the outside) and look back.

Here, in this blog, “Drinking the KoolAid” means to accept what you are told by your leaders no mater how irrational, illogical, and/or unpredictabled it is as long as it supports what you want to believe. As I told someone the other day “It is just taking Confirmation Bias to it’s logical extream. That you will accept as fact, with out any critical examination, anything that supports what you want to believe. To take any challenge to these ‘facts’ as a personal attack and justification to counter attack anyone who says the facts are false.”

It is not my purpose to explain why people “Drink the KoolAid”. Beyond that understanding need to counter it. I have this past year struggled to come to grips with what I’m now calling “The Orange KoolAid”. This is my phrase for the universe of “AltFacts” created by the supporters of Donald J Trump who know exactly what they are doing and why. It is not those who mix up thief own colors of the KoolAid for their own reasons. This is the KoolAid color for those who would fit right in with Geo. Orwell’s 1984 Inner Party. Those persons who love not just having Power but love being able to perniciously apply that power when and where they wish.

I am also talking about those people who are willfully don’t seeing the problem facing us in the coming decade. The issue is not just ‘The Orange KoolAid” but also the new system(s) for serving it up to the people. I’m taking about those people who see any attempt to keep the KoolAid out of they system as an unexceptionable threat to some Cherished right. An because they have not studied logic or have forgotten what they have studied they don’t recognize the ‘Slippery Slope’ fallacy. These are not ignorant or stupid people. Some are the most successful people in this country. But they are also the most willfully blind.

These are just some of the problems I’ve tried to address this past year. Sometimes successful sometime not. Sometimes I’ve been correct, sometime I’ve been flat wrong. I hope that when I’ve been wrong I have acknowledged my error and corrected myself here. But in recognition of my being human I’m accepting I may not have gotten them all. In the coming year I am accepting the challenge of the “Flood of Orange KoolAid” coming our way I will be looking for all of the illogic, misusing of logic, and logical fallacies coming our way. I will try to point out on all sides of the issue but given the color of the KoolAid Flood I expect most of the sources will be on the Donald J Trump side of the isle.