The Real Deplorables

Child Sacrifice

Back in 2015/16 when some people were calling the Supporters of Donald J. Trump “Deplorables” I thought it was inappropriate and a bad idea. In 2020 I no longer think so. I owe this to the actions of people during the COVID-19 pandemic. An here is why.

Today, for the first time, I had a running with a person who not only got on the bus I was on with out a mask, she refused to put one on. Now I admit I was loud and less than polite but she was worse. She parroted all the nonsense coming out of the White House on why she wasn’t wearing a mask. To add insult to injury not long after I gave up another person, wearing a mask improperly (her noise was uncovered) and sat down next to the unmasked lady. No social distancing at all. An proceeded to chatter away. Obviously a friend.

It is this uncaring attitudes that I find so deplorable. This is a Pandemic we are in. The Covid-19 virus doesn’t react in anyway to a persons political beliefs, unless those beliefs make you act in a way that enables the virus to spread to new hosts/victims. Those people who do not follow the recommendations of the CDC: to Ware a mask, keep a 6’ distance between people, and washing hands are not showing their disdain of science but also how little they think of others.

These are the true Deplorables. Those people who care not one iota of the welfare of others and only for themselves. Back in 2015/16 it wasn’t easy to identify just who these people are, now it is not. Anyone who isn’t wearing a mask today is proclaiming to the everyone they meet that they are proudly a Deplorable.

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