More signs of GOP Morbidity

Once more we see signs of the coming demise of the Republican Party in the actions of the North Carolina House of Representatives this week. It is not the vote to override the Governors veto, but rather the way the Republican Speaker went about it. The damage he has done, not only to the GOP of North Carolina but to the entire party can well be devastating. With how the current GOP National leadership, read current Administration, treats keeping it’s word what can the state house GOP say?

From now on when GOP leadership in any chamber of any state house says it will do or refrain from doing something how will they answer the question: “What assurances can go give that you wont ‘renege’? Even in a profession renowned for the lack of truthfulness like politics, especially in such a profession, something must be sacrosanct. Keeping your word about when and when not votes will be held is one such item. You can obfuscate to your hearts content. You can stand silent. But you can not say, as the Speaker did, say there will be no votes this morning/today and then when things are in your favor call a snap vote. There can be only one result to such an action, nothing this speaker says can be taken as true or accurate. Only his actual actions can be trusted and not even then.

With the election of Donald J Trump as President and the rise of Transactional Politics (aka Zero Sum Politics) the GOP is well on it’s way of joining it’s predecessor the “American Party” (aka No-nothings) on the trash heap of history. For a political party who’s leadership, and membership, is more interested in winning than ethics it exposes is doomed to fade away.