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Terrible Liars

One of the tings I learned as a young man was how to tell the difference between Good Liars, Bad Liars, and Terrible Liars. An to be grateful for the latter. We should be grateful that Pres. Trump and most of his administration are such terrible liars.

Maybe I should back up just a bit and explain what I mean by Good Liars, Bad Liars, and Terrible Liars. By Good Liars I mean people who lie so well no one ever discovers the lie that was told. By Bad Liars I mean people who tell lies that can and are eventually uncovered. An Terrible Liars are those people who you know are lying as they speak/write/etc. I have found that most of the terrible liars I have known share one trait in common, they really don’t care if you know that what they are saying is the truth or not. Unfortunately I have also know a time or two terrible liars who are totally unaware they are lying because, at the time they are lying the ‘know’ what they are telling you is the ‘truth’. I hold that Donald Trump is this later kind of Terrible Liar.

I also hold that way too many of the supporters of Pres. Trump are the first kind of Terrible Liars. I also have a theory on why they are like this. They only care about winning. They hold to be true that “wining isn’t everything, it is the only thing!” Also most of the time the penalty they have to pay is so minor compared to what they see as their gains it is well worth it. Often they are not even the people who have to pay the price of their lies. Someone else, who comes after pays the price, not them.

This is why I am saying we are lucky that Donald Trump and his Administration is such Terrible Liars. We know, in real-time, they are lying to us and we have the opportunity to hold them accountable for those lies. This is also the problem the GOP is facing now. If they don’t stop enabling these Terrible Liars they are, as a party, going to end up paying the price of all of the Trump Administration lies. In twenty years the GOP just maybe a memory of the body politic. It will go the way of the “American Party”. Gone extinct do to a total lose of credibility.

Think about it.

Hypocrisy and Perspective: Part One

Let us be perfectly clear from the start. I am a child of the 60’s. I turned 10 in 1961 and was 18 in 1969. An while I was anything but a hippie/flower child I was deeply influenced by the time. One of the most lasting was my total disdain of Hypocrisy and of lying. I was already predisposed to rejecting Hypocrisy because of my natural, if not instinctual, logic. Also i had close experience with someone who lied about everything and anything.

My first real exposure to the political Hypocrisy of the 50’s and early 60’s was in the 1964 election when I got a copy of “None Dare Call it Treason”. When my mother saw i was reading it she immediate directed me to other sources, news papers, encyclopedias, etc to fact check what the book said. I had already been shocked by the crushingly poor logic and reasoning of the book. It was not till years later when I was introduced to classic Greek logic was I to true comprehend the truly horrible work this book is. This is where I mark my life long crusade against Hypocrisy.

So why this post? Two reasons actually. According to the New York Post Pres. Trump has now told over 10,000 lies and we’re not talking about your run of the mill political lies, we’re talking about bald faced lies. Like the one he just told this week. You know the one (I shan’t repeat it here, it is too vial) about late term abortions. But this is not about Pres. Trump, he is just a symptom of what is wrong with what is known as the ‘conservative movement’. I’m not talking about your run of the mill Jack and Jill conservative, no. I’m talking about the true ‘movement conservatives’.

It is as hard to define a ‘movement conservative’ as it is easy to identify them when you see them. I’m also not going to get into the debate about “there are hypocrites on the left”. Anyone who studies the subject knows that hypocrisy and lying happen on both sides. No, what I’m going to be talking about is systemic hypocrisy of conservative thought and speech. This problem has existed in this country since it’s founding (I like to use the 3/5ths comprise as a starting point) and we have it with us still. There are several things we can use to detect hypocrisy in the ‘conservative movement’. I like to start with the use of euphemisms, most famous in our history is ‘particular institution’ for slavery. Euphemisms are still in vogue today, just consider “alternative facts” for lies (or to be more exact incorrect facts). Another diagnostic is the use of ill defined terms. Like Humpty Dumpty said “a word means exactly what I mean it to mean”. There is a simple experiment I like to perform with people who talk a lot about ‘Capitalism’, I tell them I have never really understood the term and you they kindly tell me what it actually means. 9 times out of 10 I find they have no clear idea either.

This brings me to my last diagnostic, perspective. By this I me just this. That which I like and approve of is “conservative” and good, right, and proper. An everything else is bad, evil, and improper. This has a very interesting effect on talking about ‘conservative movement’, anything less than full support becomes a personal attack. It is fundamentally impossible to have a rational talk with a ‘movement conservative’ because any questioning of the ideas expressed become a personal attack. An there is nothing you can do to change this.

Think on it. Next installment of this post I’ll go into how this works so well with classical logical fallacies, Hypocrisy, and what can de done about it.

Understanding Fake from Real, a logical view.

Yesterday Pres. Trump made the following statement “The leaks are real, the news is fake.”  This has some people very puzzled, and well it should.  Not for bad logic, but for the very poor speaking style of of our President.  What I submit he was trying to say was:

Yes, the leaks actually occurred but the content in them is false, therefor the news stories are fake.

Unfortunatly this is not the common usage of the phrase ‘Real Leaks’.  When someone says a leak is real you are saying both that the leak actually occurred and its content is true/factual.  This is because in politics, ever since we’ve had politics, it has been rife with rumors, fabrications, stories, and out right lies.  A leak is only a leak if what is being told is indeed true.  Everything else is commonly know as ‘disinformation’.

We should not expect President Trump to be familiar with this set of definitions, after all he come from a business where the truth is what you say it is.  All marketing is true for certain shades of truth.  Donald Trump is a promoter, marketer, a snake oil salesman and like all such his relegation ship to the truth is very loose.  This why no one should take anything he says at face value.  We can not go by his words, only by his actions because his words have no fixed truth level.  The run the gauntlet of 1 to 99, where 0 is a full falsehood, to 100 is an absolute truth.

So lets give the guy a little slack here, let him say what he wants and just not pay it any attention.