Terrible Liars

One of the tings I learned as a young man was how to tell the difference between Good Liars, Bad Liars, and Terrible Liars. An to be grateful for the latter. We should be grateful that Pres. Trump and most of his administration are such terrible liars.

Maybe I should back up just a bit and explain what I mean by Good Liars, Bad Liars, and Terrible Liars. By Good Liars I mean people who lie so well no one ever discovers the lie that was told. By Bad Liars I mean people who tell lies that can and are eventually uncovered. An Terrible Liars are those people who you know are lying as they speak/write/etc. I have found that most of the terrible liars I have known share one trait in common, they really don’t care if you know that what they are saying is the truth or not. Unfortunately I have also know a time or two terrible liars who are totally unaware they are lying because, at the time they are lying the ‘know’ what they are telling you is the ‘truth’. I hold that Donald Trump is this later kind of Terrible Liar.

I also hold that way too many of the supporters of Pres. Trump are the first kind of Terrible Liars. I also have a theory on why they are like this. They only care about winning. They hold to be true that “wining isn’t everything, it is the only thing!” Also most of the time the penalty they have to pay is so minor compared to what they see as their gains it is well worth it. Often they are not even the people who have to pay the price of their lies. Someone else, who comes after pays the price, not them.

This is why I am saying we are lucky that Donald Trump and his Administration is such Terrible Liars. We know, in real-time, they are lying to us and we have the opportunity to hold them accountable for those lies. This is also the problem the GOP is facing now. If they don’t stop enabling these Terrible Liars they are, as a party, going to end up paying the price of all of the Trump Administration lies. In twenty years the GOP just maybe a memory of the body politic. It will go the way of the “American Party”. Gone extinct do to a total lose of credibility.

Think about it.