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Not Quite True


One of the great lies being propagated by Donald Trump, MAGA, and the GOP is that he/they are a juggernaut. Totally unstoppable and undefeatable in the coming election. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

If the data we are seeing is anywhere correct the GOP is weaker now that it has been sense 1932. If 2018 wasn’t an indication of the American people disaffection with how the GOP is running things just take a look at how many incumbent Republicans are “retiring”. Not only in the House but in there is even a few Senate. Also look at all the Republican Incumbants in the Senate who are now in an actual re-election contests. Many of them are polling, in their own polls, under a 10% lead over possible challengers. This includes Senator McConnell.

As for MAGA, it has never been much more than a very noisy outlier of conservative politics. Yes, you see wonderful shots of their mass’ at the Trump Rallies, but these shots are all carefully staged. We never hear any figures of where these people come from. Are they local or bussed in? We don’t even know if they are paired to attend or not. We don’t even have an accurate definition of just what a MAGA is, other that they are Pro-Trump, do or die.

As for Pres. Trump himself I can only say two things: He Lies and He Cheats. No one should take anything he does at face value. We must always start from the position that it is not true until independent evidence come to light supporting what he has said. As for his cheating, we have to watch very very carefully everything he and his associates do. Like all people who cheat at Golf, Pres. Trump and the people he associates with they will cheat even when they don’t have to. Just look at what the GOP did in the Iowa caucus. We can expect this kind of antics until after November. Some just pranks to make the Democrats look bad, others not nearly so benign. An not just in battle ground states. Look for it in states like California, or New York, or Mississippi or Oklahoma.

So, the great Juggernaut of the Trump/Republican party is really just a big illusion created by the Great Con-artist, ‘The Snake Oil Salesman’. An every time you hear that Trump is unbeatable say “Oh Yeah? Prove it.”