The GOP & Russian Election Interference

It would seem my timing for this and my last post could not be better. As you may remember my last post dealt with several hypothesis on why the GOP did not support actions or laws to stop the interference by Russia, or any other foreign government, from influencing our elections. With the hissy fit that Moscow Mitch thru on the Senate floor yesterday I hope that the rank and file GOP will tell their representatives it is time to change.

Reason One: It is the traditional role

Sense the very early 20th century the Republican Party has taken the position that it was the best party to protect the nation from foreign influence. Sense the Russian Revolution they also took on the role of the party that is protecting us from Bolshevik/Communist infiltration. From 9/11 the GOP has told us that they were the party to protect us from terrorist. Yet when we are given hard evidence, by multiple intelligent agencies, they do nothing. This is an issue tailored made for the GOP. They have over a hundred years of experience campaigning with protecting the USA from the evil foreigners, starting with the Republican Parties antecedences the “Know Nothings” of the 1850’s. With how effective the current rhetoric of Pres. Trump about the ‘Hispanic’ menace or the hell holes the ‘the squad’ represent this should be a no brainer. The election is over a year away, it is not too late.

Reason Two: It is Insulting

That the GOP needed Russian help to elect Donald Trump in 2016 is insulting to the Republican Party. This is the party of Lincoln, Reagan, and two Bushes, and they were running against a Clinton and a woman, they didn’t need Russian interference. This would play very very well with the electoral base.

Reason Three: No need to work with the Democrats

The was no need nor reason to work with the enemy, AKA Democrats, to do this. The GOP controlled both houses of Congress in the 115th so no help was needed. As far as Robert Mueller, he work for GOP Presidents. At worst, if what the GOP has let us see, the Trump Campaign was nothing more than ‘Useful Idiots’. At best they saw the danger and walked away from any offers. (This last has very low probability given the Mueller Report.) An while the President doesn’t come out too well it doesn’t really hurt the party. Even now, Sen. McConnell could have a “Republican” law introduced to help keep any foreign influence from our elections. It could actually do something and be more than a legal placebo.

That’s all for now. It is up to you, dear reader, to decide just what the GOP is doing and why. Once you do, be sure and vote next year. Especially if you are upset with the GOP as they always do worse in high turn-out elections.