What’s this All About?

Don’t Drink the Koolaid“!  That’s this all about?  What do you mean Kookaid?   This is my effort to inject both logic and a little sound reason into the debate.  What I mean by ‘Drinking the Koolaid’ is to accept and act on things so wild and crazy that just a little thought would be rejected by most people.  I’m trying to interject this modicum of thought into the political debate.

Sometimes I may be after the far Right, sometime the far Left, and sometimes the radical middle of the bird.  What is wanted here, more than anything, is LOGIC but beyond that we will be examining the basic premise(s) of any position.  As anyone familiar with the works of Charles Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll), both fiction & scientific, is aware of just how skewed premise can end up with something very very crazy.

Please feel free to call out logical fallacies when you think you see them BUT be sure to cite which fallacy you think you see and why.  I recommend the site Thou shall not commit logical fallacies as a good place to start.

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