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The Impossible has happened!

An by impossible I don’t mean the election of Donald Trump to the presidentcy of the United States.  It was always “possible” just very improbable.  No, by impossible I mean conducting an experiment in Political Science.  One of the great limitations in studying Politics in a scientific way is the inability to conduct real world experiments.  The election of Donald Trump has set us all on the road to a very great experiment.

The experiment is just how well a person who has had NO expreance governing will govern this country.  So far we have a few clues from who he is placing in his staff.  His chief of staff will be Reince Priebus, a man with a great deal of expreance in politics, but none in real word governing.  He does have many contacts with the GOP members who do have governing expreance but little to no contacts with anyone else.  Not Democrat, not independent, not anyone of any political persuasion. We will now get to see how well Pres. Trump is able to work out political deals to get work done.

President elect Trump has also placed Steve Bannon, the CEO of Breitbart New in another key position.  Mr. Bannon also has no expreance governing.  He does have a great deal of expreance selling ideas, what is often call propaganda in Political Science.   That the ideas he is selling are often anathema to half the country is not nearly as important as that he has no expreance getting those ideas implemented by government.

So what is the experiment?  I think it is can an  amateur really do as good a job governing as a professional?  I think we will see very soon.

“I Abide”

When I first thought of writing this post I was going to entitle it “By the pricking of my thumbs…” An it was going to be a very negative, fearful polemic about how I see the Trump Presedentcy working out.  But then I remembered my own personal motto “I Abide”.

I took up the motto when I joined the De Molay when I was 16.  It got me interested in Medivel history and the custom of people having thier own personal motto, usually in latin, and I thought it would be kind of neat to have one myself.  At the time I was going thru some very rough times and like most teenagers I just could see how I was going thru it.  Then I read the book “Earth Abides” by by George R. Stewart.  It is a fairly typical post apocalyptic story of one mans struge to survive and rebuild civilization.  What got me was the use of the word abides in it’s less known definition ‘to accept or bear (someone or something bad or unpleasant).

I also use it to remind myself that no mater what you can get thru to the other side and be better for the all of it.  This is what I wish to bring to everyone out there who is frightened and fearful by the election of Donald Trump to the presidency.  Yes, he has said some very hateful things and many of his supports expect him to do things that can really hurt alot of people.  But we can ABIDE.  We can support an help each other thru the hard times ahead.  Remember that this is not an Autocracy.  President Trump can not just do something.  He need not only the cooperation of the Congress.  He needs our aquessance to his acts.

I hear by call on all people who do not approve of something that Pres. Trump wants to do to fight with every peaceful and/or none violent way you can. Remember we only need to flip 2 votes in the Senate to keep anything from passing we can’t approve of.  When he calls for touching Social Security or Medicare, remind your Senators you are watching.  Also help organize and go to mass meeting and parades protesting the action.  The right of the people, you and me, to peacefully assemble and the right of the people to petition the government for a regress of grievances are two constitutional rights even more sacrosanct than the much ballyhooed 2nd amendment right.  There is no need for guns or violence if we get enough people togeather.

As HRC said “We are Stronger Togeather”.

Election Day

I want you to vote
I want you to vote

This is my election day posting urging every voter who hasn’t voted yet to get out and VOTE.  While I usually say that it doesn’t matter to me how you vote, this election I can’t in good  conscience say that this time.  It does matter, but I will not tell you how I’d like you to vote.  All I can and will say today is I hope you will look into your heart and mind before you cast your vote and do what is truely best for our country.

That and to those who don’t vote and could have…..don’t complain, you had your chance to make a difference and you didn’t take it.

So. Please for your love of country.  VOTE

Prof. Morearty is Alive and a Woman

img_0028I have finally figured out what all the Hillary haters have known all along.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, it is so obvious.  Just ask yourself, in all of the history of crime who is the greatest master-mind?  Who defeated time and again the Greatest Detective of all time?  Who else but Prof. James Moriarty?  But he was he really a he?  It is obvious, given her ability to avoid all prosecution that Prof. Moriarty was really a she and she is running for Presedent.

Not only is she over a century old, she was able to poise as a man so well in Victorian England so well she was able to get an advance degree and get a position teaching in an all male school.  She then went and staged her own death so effectively that the Great Detective thought she had died ant the Riechenbach Falls before making her way to the Americas.  Living far longer that anyone else would be a mere  bagatelle for her. Forging a perfect cover as a US citizen a no brainer.

She is now running for president under her newest identity HRC on the Democratic ticket.  I don’t know why  Breitbart or FOXNews hasn’t figured this out.  Could thier silence be a part of her  nefarious and complex plan ?  Can this revelation save the GOP form an inglorious defeat?  More in the next exciting posting of “Jammie Moriarty Master Criminal “