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January 6th and the GOP

The 8th Circle of Hell

Both House Minority Leader McCarthy and Senate Minority Leader McConnell Have done the GOP great harm and the President great good this week. McCarthy’s reneging on the deal his personal representative crafted, and where they got everything they asked for, shows to one and all that the GOP does not negotiate in good faith. Like their Great Leader, the Trump, they see negotiations as a ploy to be used to take down their “enemy”. An the “Enemy” is anyone who is not slavishly loyal to the Great Leader Trump.

The GOP has been head down this path for over 30 years, perhaps longer. It started when they took up the idea that “Wining isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” It got worse when they started seeing the people on the other side not as the opposition, but as the “Enemy”. It has reached it’s current state when it choose to see politics as a “Zero Sum Game” and so it became ripe for a Conman to take over. Unfortunately for the GOP they are now on the road to the 8th Circle of Hell. (Yes I know I don’t believe in Hell, but they do.)

President Biden is now in a very simple negotiation position, you don’t. It does not mater what they will agree to, even when you give them everything they ask for, they won’t take it. It has the “Enemy’s” name on it so it can not be agreed to. The “Enemy” will get something out of it so they will get nothing out of it, so they will, by definition, loose. An if you think this sounds like nonsense, your right, it does and is nonsense. But it is logical. But logic can be nonsense if you start out with “skewed” premises (just Ask Alice in Wonderland). Negotiations with the current GOP is no longer about finding common ground, by definition there is no such thing, it is about achieving useful goals no mater what the opposition does.

When it comes to investigating the events of January 6th this means finding out, publicly, just who knew what, when, who did what, when. Only then can we start to take action to do what needs to be done to correct the system to prevent it from ever happening again. Unfortunately for the GOP this will most likely mean the end of the GOP as a major political party. This will not be an easy time for the country, we are in for a time of whoa