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Some Thoughts on Our Gun Problem

Death Dealer

First let me be clear, I disagree with the current SCOTUS holding on just what the 2nd amendment means and how it is interpreted. That said, until we have a Court willing and able to change the current law, we are stuck with it. So I’d like to put some of my thoughts out there are some of the current proposed solutions to the Mass Shootings Pandemic in the USA.

The first idea I’d like to address is the absolutely bad idea of arming teachers. First point should be obvious, like most Americans, the average teacher is not a combat veteran, shoot, they aren’t even veterans. So lets say we do ’allow’ teachers to have guns in the class room. Which guns should they have? A pistol, long rifle, an AR? What? Next who is going to pay for arming the teachers? With how stingy states like Texas is when funding education do you really think they are going to fork out $500+ (A cheep 9mm pistol) to several thousand for a good AR15, do you really see them spending that kind of money?

So now we have the teacher who has a gun. Picture this, someone in the hall way starts shooting, the kid assume the ’position’ under their desks. Is the teacher a good enough shot to miss the students he/she is shooting over? (Most class’ I was in the teacher was on the opposite side of the room from the doors.) Has the school given any live fire training to the teacher? How much and what was their rating?

Next what about hardening our schools. Lets not even begin to talk about just how much that will cost, lets just see about the problems of implementing it. First just how many entry/exit points will a school have? One, two, 10? Each will have to have at lest two full-time guards. One to check the ’Passes’ of the people trying to come in while the other watches the person(s) trying to enter the school. Ridiculous you say? When was the last time you tried to go into a Federal court? Or even a classified work place? An lets not forget places like Texas, where you have an unfettered right to carry a ’gun’ anytime any where? Will such States be willing to declare schools a ”No Carry” area? An lets not forget all of the trouble of getting the appropriate ’pass’. How long does it take, a day? a week? what? An lets not forget about emergencies, when some one other than the ’parent’ (like a Grandparent) is sent to get the student. Maybe we can build all the schools so the only egress points are thru the school offices. Just imagine what the madhouse in the morning and afternoon with all of the students coming in and going out.

So in closing, I just want to say it is easy to come up with a simple sentence fix for out Gun Pandemic. It is not so easy to implement them, much less make them work.

Some Thoughts on Hell and Evil

Just so those of you reading this who know me, I still don’t believe in the traditional christian concept of Hell. Nor do I accept the classic portrayal of evil. What I want to do here is talk about a possible kind of Hell that the kind of just and loving God could possibly allow to exits.

This idea started to form in my thinking of just where all of the demons that ’punish’ the damned souls in hell. In all of the representations I have ever seen there are many more demons than souls. Like on the order of 3/4 to 1 or 10+ to 1. The traditional answer to this question is they are all fallen angles. Really? The classic all powerful / all knowing God created that many flawed Angles? This always bothered me.

Given that I currently work on the theory that 1) God does not make mistakes, is loving and Forgiving 2) while Heaven could exist, Hell does not; it has occurred to that a kind of Hell just may exist. It is actually a kind of Heaven. A Heaven for all those souls who do believe in a Hell and do believe the greatest duty of all ”True Believers” is to punish everyone who rejects ”The One True God/Religion” for all time.

Before you reject this idea, just stop and consider the idea for a minute or two. To those who feel that it is their calling to punish the evil/wicked what could be more heaven like than a place where they get to punish, personally, those people they feel are the most sinful? Where they get to enjoy seeing them, the sinful, suffer for their sins? Horrifying isn’t? But is it anymore horrifying than the classic view of hell? A place with out hope?

I think not.

Our Continuing Sheldon Crisis…Part 2


As I promised in my last posting I’m now going to list some of the reasons I see an ongoing Sheldon Crisis.

  1. The similarities of the the 1850’s and the fall of the American Wigs party and now.
  2. The rise of religious back political action, that is the uses of religion to support political action.
  3. The rise of accepted corruption in the body politic

I will tackle these in reverse order. Since the turn of the 21st century the acceptance by the electorate of corrupt dealings by people in the government, either elected, appointed, or Civil Service, has been becoming more and more pronounced till we end up electing Donald J. Trump as President. Then the powers that be totally ignoring it. An I’m not just talking about the Congress. I’m also talking about the electorate, and not just in the general election. The GOP voter had an entire Primary season to put Trump in the trash, but they didn’t. (see earlier posting on my thoughts on why they did this.) Even now, almost two full years after the end of the Trump administration we have stores coming out about self-dealing of high officials and family members with little or no reaction from the self same high ethics/morality touting conservatives. The last time this happened was in the Gilded Age.

Next is the use of ones religion to justify ones political action(s). Or rather the use of religious fervor to opt-in voters for political power. This has been going on for almost 50 years now to greater and greater effect. Now, please note I am NOT talking about acting or voting based on ones religious beliefs. Nothing can be better than following your religious moral/ethical teaching when voting. I would just like to share one of the earliest bible school teaching I ever got. ”The Devil Quotes Scripture.” When I first heard this someone had the good since to ask the teacher just what that meant. She replied that you can find something in the Scriptures to just doing just about anything. That’s why you need to read not the the passage but also what came before and what comes after. When we told to go look to see if we could find a scripture that would justify staying up past bed time, or only have desert for diner, low and be hold we found quite a few. (Unfortunately all our parents had been warned about the teaching in the class, so no joy there.) It is an unfortunate truth that when people start believing that their religion justifies their doing something they, themselves, would never stand for being done to them we come to the point of doing that which we hate.

An now to the final, and most important point. Also the hardest to really understand. This is because the politics of the USA in the decade before the Civil War is both complex and little written about. It is also fragmented. We have not only the collapse of the American Wigs party and the rise of the Republican party. We have the rise of the ’Nativist’ or ’American’ political movement. Add to that both sides of the Abolition movement justified their position with bible texts.

An that leads me to this final point, a Sheldon Crisis is not simple. It is Complex, Convoluted, Hidden and Obvious. An it is dynamic and always changing. That is why it is so hard to see the answer till the ’crux’ of the crisis is reached. A lot of people will see the answer, a lot won’t, and, unfortunately too many will think they see the answer and be mistaken. These last are the most dangerous.

Our Continuing Sheldon Crisis….


With the 2022 primaries true and well started I’d like to stop and take note of the ”Sheldon” crisis we are in. I know I’ve been talking about a crisis for several years now and before I go on, I’d like to point out some things usually over looked when talking about ”Sheldon” Crisis’. First, the ”Foundation” novels never really give us a good time frame for just how long a ”Sheldon” crisis takes to start and end. Shoot, we never get a good idea of how long it takes to travel from Terminus to Trator. Weeks, months? No clue, just that it is not too long for the people making the trip.

Also we are never told just what a ”Sheldon” crisis is. All we know is that it is a phenomenon of ”Psycohistory” a science that was invented by the mathematician Hari Sheldon. We are also told that ”Psyohistory” can predict the actions of very large bodies of humans (very large being the populations of entire planets if not multiple planets). So just how am I using the phase ”Sheldon” Crisis? What do I mean by it.

Simple put I’m talking about the phenomenon of a Sociopolitical science where a sudden, often violent events occur that mark a distinct change in a socialites social, political, and/or economic state. a good example is what happened between 1914 and 1945. Yes that is 31 years. But in the history of people and nations it is shorter than a blink of the eye. So live with it. I will go on from there.

What I’m looking at today is the possible death of the Republican Party that came into being in the last half of the 20th Century. If you look at the demographics of the Republican Party in the 1950/60 and the 2010/20 you can see a significant difference. (Please note that you can see a related demographic change in the Democratic Party) These changes are most notable in the rise of extreme politics. The shift from seeing someone with a differing political/economic/social/religious view point not just as opponent, not just as the enemy, but as fundamentally evil. Something to be eradicated at all cost. My side, right or wrong, but my side.

One of the key issues with this phenomenon is that it has a strong tendency to concentrate concentrate “The True Believer” (See Eric Hofer) into one political party or movement. It also has a tendency to concentrate the Authoritarian-Autocrat personality into one political party or movement. When it is in one political party/movement we have a very explosive mixture. This is what I see happening with the Republican Party of the early 2020’s. I shall give some examples of what I think of as symptomatic and/or diagnostic events in my next posting.

Any Takers Out There?

Child Sacrifice

One of the great lies in the debate over legal abortion is the ”Right” saying they are the side of “Right to Life”. I’ve done a little research on just where this mime came from and unfortunately I’ve come up with too many answers to say for sure. What I can say for sure is that it is only half true. They really don’t care about the life the fetus gets, only that it gets to live. Once Born, most, if not all, Right to Lifers could care less about the newborn.

In fact they really could care less about the unborn child. To confirm this just look at all of the programs the Right to Lifers, or Conservative Movement, GOP, and/or Republicans support that provide pre-natal care. I’ll wait for you to list them (please do in the comments). ……….. Done? As for myself I could find none. zip, nadda, none. Not to be too brutal but it seems that the babies involved are of little importance to all of the political leadership. Quite Trumpian.

So, what is the Republican who thinks of themselves as apposing abortion on moral grounds. And who does care about the newborn to do? I’d recommend you start promoting programs for pre-natal care. For newborn care. For child care. For very good schools. An this should be for all children, no means testing, no testing on the parents. Any Takes Out There?

Some Thoughts on the Coming SCOTUS Ruling

The Roberts Court, April 23, 2021 Seated from left to right: Justices Samuel A. Alito, Jr. and Clarence Thomas, Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., and Justices Stephen G. Breyer and Sonia Sotomayor Standing from left to right: Justices Brett M. Kavanaugh, Elena Kagan, Neil M. Gorsuch, and Amy Coney Barrett. Photograph by Fred Schilling, Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States

By now most of you have heard more than you care to hear on the ‘Leaked’ draft opinion that will over turn Roe v. Wade of the upcoming . An before you ask, no I haven’t read it yet, it is over 90 pages long and as you all know I’m a painfully slow reader. So what I’m working from is what has been quoted in new reports. Also this is just a draft, not the actual option.

First off, if this opinion actually does over turn Roe v. Wade I think it will be one of the biggest mistakes made by the Conservative Movement has ever made. Even greater than letting Donald J. Trump get elected. Just from the morning news this one act is motivating not only the Left but also the independent voters. This is both direct and personal to many voters who rarely pay any attention to midterm elections. These are the voters that MAGA/Conservative Movement want to stay home Election Day so their motivated voters will control who gets elected. An give the traditional small turn out for midterms it will not take a lot of fence sitters to have a big effect.

Winning the “Right to Life” (more on that in my next posting) could be the worst thing to happen to the GOP.