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Two Simple Answers to the Fermi Paradox

I have what I’m sure are not original answers to the Fermi Paradox as to why we have seen no signs of extraterrestrial life. I may, at a later date go into some of my reasons on why I find fault with the Paradox, but not here.

The first, and simplest, is that it is just not possible to travel between the stars. That there is no ‘Space Drives’. That ‘slow boats’ just can not be made to support life for any extended period of time so it is not possible to travel the decades, or life times, sub-light travel needs. All life is trapped around it’s own star therefor no visits.

I know this is a real downer, but it is a possibility. In the history of science there are many many things that we have wanted to do but we have found out are just not really possible. There is no Philosopher’s Stone that can convert ‘base’ metal into gold. An while we do now how to convert a metal like mercury into gold it takes way to much energy and time to actually do it. An eventually we come to the point of saying ‘why do it?’ In the case of building and meaning a slow boat sub-light craft it may just be that the cost it resources make it totally prohibitive.

On to the second answer. That any contact between life of one planet with another is immediately fatal. That even the slightest contact will kill the visitors. Or even worse kill the live on the planet until the contamination is eliminated (aka destroyed). Once this fact becomes evident to the space fairing Race they will see little reason to visit stars that might have life bearing planets. At best they would be able to exchange ideas, aka information, and at worse create an vengeful enemy thru some tragic accident. Best not run the risk and steer clear of the problem entirely. Wait until they can meet up with someone at a lifeless star where it is safer all round.

So that is it, what do you think?

The Republican Party is No longer the G.O.P. it is the T.O.P.

TOPSHOT – A supporter of US President Donald Trump wears a gas mask and holds a bust of him after he and hundreds of others stormed stormed the Capitol building on January 6, 2021 in Washington, DC. – Donald Trump’s supporters stormed a session of Congress held today, January 6, to certify Joe Biden’s election win, triggering unprecedented chaos and violence at the heart of American democracy and accusations the president was attempting a coup. (Photo by ROBERTO SCHMIDT / AFP) (Photo by ROBERTO SCHMIDT/AFP via Getty Images)

The time has come that we must accept that the nickname of the Republican Party, “Grand Old Party”, is no longer applicable . It should now be known as “Trump’s Own(ed) Party”. I don’t say this lightly. Nor do I contend that this is primarily the results of the growth of the MAGA movement in the party. I say this mostly because of what has happened the last two and a half months. From the insurrectionist attack on the Capitol, to the failure of a majority of both House and Senate Republicans to act responsibly and reject the attempts invalidate the lawful election results. To the failure of all but seven Republican Senators to vote for Trump’s conviction in his 2nd impeachment trial. To the blatant two-faced actions of Senate Minority Leader McConnell in his speech condemning President Trump on the Senate floor and his statement that he would support Donald J. Trump in 2022 if he was the Republican nominee.

The reason why I think we should call the Republican Party the “T.O.P.” is that:

1)The effort of several State Republican Parties to censure those elected party members for their actions in aforementioned impeachment.

2) The public statements of both House and Senate members of the Republican Party finding nothing wrong with the actions of the mob on Jan 6th.

3) The effort to either stop completely, or at least make totally impotent, the proposed independent commission to investigate just what happened on 6 January.

4) And let us not forget the numerous trips down to Florida by elected and non-elected members of the Republican Party for ‘Photo-Ops’ with Donald J. Trump.

5) And finally, and most complex, the fight between the National Republican Party and Donald J. Trump over the use of his, Trump’s, image and name. And then his counter punch stating that his, Trump’s, supporters should stop giving to the National Republican Party and instead send their donations to his, Trump’s, private PAC. The National Republican Party has asked the Trump Organization to host a major fundraiser at Mar-a-Logo.

I fully expect to see the complete and total capitulation of the leadership of the Republican Party to both the Trump Organization and to Donald J. Trump in the next year. Therefor we should be calling the Republicans by what they truly are: Trump’s Own(ed) Party or the TOP.

One Know Trump

George C. Scott as the Film-Flam Man
George C. Scott as the Mordecai Jones (The Flim-Flam Man)

Over the past few weeks I’ve been following a fair number of discussions on why the Republican Party has not done an ‘autopsy’ on why they lost in 2020. In most of these discussions the continued faithful loyalty of the GOP rank and file is almost always touch upon. What is often totally ignored is just why the rank and file of the GOP are still loyal to Donald J. Trump. There are, undoubtedly many reasons for this but I would like to just touch on one that seems to being ignored.

What I will be talking about is the known reluctance of a Con-Artist victim to actually admit to the con. This phenomenon is well know to all those in law enforcement who’s job it is to track down and lock up the Con-artist. The reasons for their behavior is legion and I will not attempt to go into it here. What is important is the attitude of the victims that keeps them from admitting, even to themselves, that they have been conned. All that is important here is the phenomenon itself.

This disinclination to admit to being conned by Donald Trump is the starting point to understanding why so many GOP Rank and File are staying loyal to him. At some level they know that if they start looking for some other leader than Trump they will be starting down the road to admitting that they were conned by Trump and they are not yet ready for that. It is just too painful. It is also to shameful. We all know the old saying “You can not Cheat an honest man.” And, fundamentally, a con is offering the mark a way of cheating. In the case we are addressing here we are looking at getting something you have not really a right to.

There is no nice way to say this, it is not just possible. Donald J. Trump has offered the GOP something for nothing. The problem is TANSTAAFL (There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch) and at some level we all know this. The genius of Donald J. Trump is he offered something different to all the segments of the GOP. Each and every faction was offered what they most wanted, without having to pay for it. The White Supremists were told they could, no matter what the law said, do as they wish on all non-whites. He offered some the ability to take from the public coffers all they could manage. This list is both long and well known so I shan’t go on here. I will close with the most fundamental thing Trump gave the GOP rank and file the confirmation that “You are in the right! No matter what anyone else says.” He gave them the freedom from self doubt and questioning. He gave them permission to say “it is self evident that I’m right so I don’t have to explain.”

And there is the rub, eventually it will all come out. Eventually you will have to explain yourself. You will have to admit you were conned and admit you were being dishonest. Some people will not be able to do this, ever. Some will, but it will take time. What we, who recognized Donald J. Trump for what he is, have to do now is wait. Stand our ground. Be understanding of the MAGA but not give one inch in holding them responsible for what both Donald J. Trump did and what they did even though he told them they could. Eventually the lunch is paid for. We just need to be sure that it is paid for by those who eat it and not by us.