Monthly Archives: June 2020

It’s Time to Remember

Over the past few days I have been hearing more and more “talking heads” make comments about how the “Baby Boomers” elected Donald Trump because they see themselves loosing control. Or they don’t want things to change, or they see the electorate demographics are changing. Well it is not all “Boomers” who think that way.

I am probably the quint essential “Baby Boomer” being born in March of 1951. My teenage years were the years of the civil rights protests, the race riots, and the anti-war protesters. I’d like to remind my fellow “Baby Boomers” that way back in 1968 we had a saying “Don’t trust anyone over 30”. An I’d like to take the time for us to remember that that world. Remember just what we thought of are parents and grand-parents. And I want to share something my parents said at the time “It is time to listen to our children, it is going to be their world.”

I’d also like to remind my fellow “Boomers” that we are not going to be the ones to live in the future, it is our children, grand-children, etc, who will be living in it. An we have a duty to them to hand it over gracefully to them. We need to do what we can to help them and we need to stand with them against the reactionary forces who resists change.

When it comes to change the Borg are right “Resistance is futile.” There is nothing we or they can do about it, things change and all we can do is try and make it the best change possible for those who come after us. That is why I used the image from the 1968 movie “Wild in the Streets”. It’s a bit of an exploitation flick and is definitely schlocky but it does illustrate my point. It shows just exactly how some of the power structure in this country saw the “youth rebellion” of the 1960’s.

I suggest anyone who thinks the current youth who have been protesting in the streets the past week are poorly behaved, or wrong, I suggest you watch it and work to remember just where you were at in 1968, how you looked at the world and how you thought. You just might find some understanding for just what this kids are marching about and you just might join them.