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Your Not Voting and what it means

With the news of SCOTUS on Roe Vs Wade and the New York gun law along with what the Trump Mob tried to do last year I think it is time to say something about the people who don’t vote.

If you live in a Red state or district, or if it is even Purple and you don’t vote you are actually voting for the Republican candidate. An they like you not voting. They want you to not vote. Their bass is very motivated and will do what ever the Mob Boss tells them to do. Their is only one thing that can be done. Get out and vote. NOW!

If you don’t you are just empowering Capo Trump. An it will be you fault if they get control of the Congress. So remember, not Voting is what the Capo is betting you will do. Prove him Wrong.

A Proposal to Help Solve Our Gun Problem.

Assault Rifles

How to say this with out sounding ’snarky’? Don’t know so I’ll just say it right out. To help motivate the Red-hats of Texas to start thinking about gun control why don’t we start encouraging people to start forming their own local militia(s). An by people I mean, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, etc?

I suggest this because I remember back in the late 60’s and early 70’s the rise the ”Black Panthers”. I was living in California, as I am now, and I remember just how upset/worried/frightened people (mostly white people) became when the Black Panthers started showing up armed to the teeth to political events and protests. It wasn’t soon after that California, under Gov. Reagan, pass some very strict gun control laws. I’m not sure if anyone has ever done a cause and effect study (I’d love to see them) but it is highly sugestive.

So, why don’t the gun control advocates start encouraging the creation of local Militia(s). We can even encourage them to be well trained with gun safety drills and regular monthly field drills so the members know what to do, how to do it, when the ’tyrannical’ government, or even an unorganized mob, tries to oppress them. I’m sure all of the right and far right white nationalists will welcome them with open arms.

I can see it now. Armed, uniformed, local militia units patrolling the streets to keep us all safe from the overreaching of the tyrants police power. A Red-Hats dream come true. The ’people’ taking back their streets and homes.