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The Debate on Multiculturalism

Personally, I do not play the game of one culture is superior to another or all cultures are equal. I do this because I have yet to see any system of measuring the qualities of a culture that is not subject to sever subjectivity. There is no external, objective, measure. All we have is what he shows in his talk when he discusses Donald Trump’s statements. All that really be said is that “I” think, feel, etc, that being Innovative is a good cultural trait with out giving any objective measure of why it is good. You just as might as well say that Hawaiian culture is superior to Kansas culture because Hawaiian promotes surfing while Kansas doesn’t.

This does not make me a Multiculturalist. I do not believe all cultures are equally good/bad. There are good cultures and there are bad cultures. But just like Art/Music/Literature each and everyone of us must make our own judgement. Like Ethics and Morals culture is of vital importance to everyone and it is up to everyone of us to do what we can, no mater how great or how small, to improve the culture we live in.

See more in a coming new posting in “Don’t Drink The Koolaid”.

An Now….Congress

Tomorrow Cogress will be returning from their summer (not) recess.  They now have a great opportunity to show just how well they can do their job.  We need to get funding for the relief effort for Harvey done ASAP.  I know that the 115th Congress has not been very good at moving bill thru but this should be an unguarded slam dunk.

The entire Texas delegation, both Republicans and Democrats, House and Senate, should have had their staffs working on a bill since the first visit of President Trump.  Now is the time, Congress is the place for our elected representatives  to live up th the etymology of  name of that august body…’to walk togeather’.  This is not the time to deal in political issues and battles.  Now is not the time to ‘one up’ you political opponent(s).  Now is not the time to think about winners and looses.  The only loosers are the people in the states hit by Harvey, be they from Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas or where every.


So, dear Congress, now we will see if you can do the job you were brought togeather for or are you just a collection of political hacks.  Show the American people just what you can do.