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A Vulcan’s response to MAGA

Just yesterday Pres. Trump brought up the “Attack on Thanksgiving”. He has ‘heard’ that some people, assuredly liberals, want to change the name of Thanksgiving Day. His assurance to MAGA that he will not let this happen got a huge ovation. It is also quite simple for him to do as I have not found a single instance out side of “Conspiracy Central” demanding any change.

I’m really not interested in the actual charge but rather the reaction to the charge. One of the key characteristics of MAGA’s is their belief that they are the victims, they are just defending themselves from the attacks of the ‘Left’. When dealing with a MAGA it is helpful to remember that no mater the situation they are the victims. It is the actions of others that are making them act the way they do and words of others that make them say what they say. An when they aren’t being victimized they will make things up.

I can hear you now saying “And just what does this have to do with Vulcans?” Just this, Mr. Spock is the most famous of Vulcans, and he showed just how to deal with the types of responses you will get from MAGAs when they confront you. Because MAGAs are almost always the victim in a confrontation and because they have learned in life that to attack is what they have to do, they will attempt to control the debate from the very beginning. We saw this set of tactics used in this months House Hearings on Impeachment and we saw how being a Vulcan is a great response to these tactics.

First you stick to the rules, as published. You do not allow anyone, your side, their side, nobody’s side, any leniency or wiggle room when following the rules. An more than anything else you don’t let their antics get under your skin. This is exactly what Chairman Schiff did in the hearings the past two weeks. It is what I hope Chairman Nadler does in the coming weeks.

The Time is Coming


The time is coming when America will find out who are the Conservatives and who are the MAGA. MAGA? I hear you say. ‘Isn’t’ that just short for “Make America Great Again”? Well, yes it started out that way but I am now using it just the way the world used Nazi in the 1930’s. (Note: the term Nazi was never used in Germany till after the war.) It denotes a political ideology and it’s followers. It also denotes the members of a political ‘cult’. In this case I’m using it to denote the supporters/followers of Donald J. Trump. It doesn’t not mean Republicans nor conservatives. Although if things keep going the way it is MAGA may become synonymous with Republicans.

I expect that by this time next year Conservatives will have to face the bitter truth of just what has become of the Republican Party in the hands of MAGA. I expect to see a great housecleaning of the party by the conservatives. Of course I could be wrong and while there can be many many paths to follow after the 2020 election I think there are only three with high probability. The first, as I indicated, is a great Blue Wave across the nation and the conservatives will have to pick up the pieces of the shattered Republican Party. It will not be easy.

The Issue facing the conservatives still in the Republican Party currently dominated by MAGA is simply put “Where are the Conservatives, here?” Students of the history of the USSR will recognize where I got my inspiration from. But it is still true. It is a question that needs to be asked now and then in any political movement if it is not to succumb to those who will corrupt it. This is the issue now facing the Republicans, MAGA has no philosophical ideology. MAGA is all about the power and the money.

The MAGA leaders can and will do anything for the power. An MAGA like good cultist will believe it. An why they will believe it is because they want to. To not believe would force them to look at world as it is, not as they wish it to be. Let me be very clear now. MAGA is not conservative, it is not liberal, nor is it Fascist, not is it Communist. It is about power and the promise of power. It is about “I get to do what I want to do because I’m powerful.”

Don’t believe me then just look at the way MAGAs act. Not just the politicians, but the everyday Joe MAGA. You just might be surprise.

Senator McCarthy would be Proud

Ninth Circle of Hell
The press interviews Sen. McCarthy about if he supports Donald Trump?

After watching the House Intelligence Committee for the past two weeks I feel safe to say the the Republicans of 2019 have remembered well the lessons of the McCarthy era (1947-195?). Senator ‘Tail-Gunner Joe’ McCarthy must be very proud about how the current crop of Republican Representatives and Senators are dealing with the Presidency of Donald J. Trump. He just might be a bit confused about how they can be accepting support from Russia, but I’m sure it can be explained to him that while it is the Russians they are no longer Communists. I’m sure he is hoping for some new neighbors to talk with soon.

Yes, that was snarky. Truth be known the not all of the Republicans in Congress are on board with what Majority Leader Sen. McConnell And ranking minority member Rep. Nunes. But way to many of them are and way too many are intimidated into silence. We have seen Rep. Nunes bring out all the old McCarthy Era tactics to obfuscate, deflect, and intimidate anyone who would dare oppose their agenda.

Even before the hearings started they were attempting to rest control of the hearing from the Majority with a great long list of witnesses that have nothing to do with the subject of impeachment. Save one, they wished to call the ‘whistleblower’ even though his/hers anonymity is protected by law. When this failed they cried that the President was being denied the right of facing his ‘accuser’ even though the hearing is an investigation is not a trial.

Once the hearing was called to order they tried and true ‘Point of Order’ tactic to attempt to interrupt and control the hearing, again even though it was against the rule(s) passed by the House. When this tactic backfired (the most likely candidate to challenge Rep. Stefanik raised over a million dollars in the day(s) following) they moved on to the one tactic the chair had to allow. Attacking the witnesses. The attacks range from the petty, calling an officer in uniform ‘Mr.’ instead of by his rank (the rank was shown on his name card) to personal and professional attacks. But mostly they stuck to speaking lots and lots of nonsense about the Bindens, Hillary, the Muller report, and any and all conspiracy Theories to distract.

In some cases they fell back on the old courtroom tactic of attempting to harrass the witness. This was done mostly by Rep. James Jordan in his most supercilious voice. In no case did it seem to work and in one case, with Dr. Hill, it seems to have backfired badly. In fact the whole Republican defense strategy seems to have failed. These passed two week we got to see dedicated people give the facts, as they know them, to the appropriate authority, the House of Representatives and the American People.

It is now up to us to be as brave as they and to send this current crop of Republicans to join their ‘godfather’ in the “Ninth Circle of Hell”.

A Time for Pride and Gratitude

Child Sacrifice

Like the ancient Philistines of Canaan we should be feeling pride in and gratitude to those parents who have given up there children today in Saugus, Ca on the alter of the 2nd Amendment. Once more we see that there is no price to high to pay to defend our right to keep and bear arms. Nothing we will not sacrifice to honor our great fear of our own government. So let us sing to heaven on high the glory that is the NRA.

Am I upset? Yes, yes I am. I’m very upset. Once more we have a school shooting killing and/or wounding too many of our children. With true cosmic irony just as the shooting was happening the United States Senate, in all it’s wisdom, has refused to even address another bill that attempts to deal, even in a minor way, the tragic events facing us. I have been following this debate for over thirty years and the only thing that has changed is the intransigence of the NRA, the Gun Lobby and their fearful supporters.

Do I have any hope that this time things will change? No, I do not. An why do I feel this way? Simply put I see no one coming forward with a method to Assuage the fear that has been placed in the harts of too many of my fellow Americans. I see three basic fears that have been stoked by both the Gun Lobby (aka gun manufacturers) and the NRA. The first fear is the traditional fear of our how governments. The second fear is the fear that the only thing keeping our government from becoming oppressive is the 2nd amendment and that if we allow it to be changed in the smallest way we will loose it all. An the third fear is the fear of THEM. You know who I speak of the great evil of THOSE PEOPLE over there who are not like us.

Of these three, the last is the oldest and the hardest to put to rest. The first is most easily challenged by just asking if “Your not a Patriot?” Be ready for an explosive response, but be cool in it’s face and the explanation will disappear in time. Then look mildly and ask them that “How can a patriot fear his own government?” Be ready for a long and involved statement that the government is not the nation. Then look at them, like you would a young child and say”I see why we still need Civics in our schools.” An then leave it at that. They will need time, a lot of time for some, to work their way thru but some will see their way thru to to truth.

The second fear is more difficult to deal with and much more easy to deal with badly. I’ve found, after too many years of doing it badly, a method that sometimes works. (Point here, the second fear has as it’s foundation the logical fallacy of the “Slippery Slope” so take care.) When this fear rears its ugly head I have found that if I say “Even if that is true, I trust people like you from going that far. Or don’t you think you are up to the challenge to keep us from going down the slope too fare?” Again, just leave it there and wait to see what bears fruit.

The third and final fear is the oldest fear and we all have to deal with it in our lives, no mater who we are. This is the same fear that lead the Philistines to offer up their children in sacrifice. It can only be dealt with, with courage. All I’ve ever been able to say in it’s face is “I’m sorry you are so afraid. Let me help you.” Sometime, occasionally, I can give some help and start them on the way to setting aside the fear.

So why did I just write the last few paragraphs if I feel there is little chance of any change? I Guess I’m just a Cock Eyed Optomistist. I wrote the first paragraph because I was upset, I’m still upset now. I will stay upset till this tragic episode in our national history is put behind us. Till then we can take pride and joy in our children being offered up in sacrifice to the great god Power/Position/Profit. An I expect we will get as good a result as the ancient Philistines did, that is no at all.

And Pound on the Table

Donald J Trump

With less than 24 hours to go before the first open testimony before the House Intelligence Committee on possible impeachment of Pres. Donald J. Trump I will take some time to point out what is obvious to any with eyes to see. Unfortunately in this new Partisan age I fear there are few eyes willing to see. Anyone who has even the most cursory acquaintance with how Donald Trump has dealt with being on the loosing end of a legal battle recognizes the current tactics he and his are employing.

When it becomes obvious to him that he will loose his case, Donald Trump attempts to do one of two things. If he can, he settles out of court, failing that he goes to cut a deal. Just like he did with the his Trump Foundation fraud case. It is a given that with impeachment there is no settling out of court as this is not a civil case. Therefore he is now maneuvering his assets to enable him to cut a deal with the American electorate.

First and foremost he is trying to “run the clock out” by putting everything off as long as possible. This is why, more than anything, he has ‘ordered’ everyone involved to not testify and to fight all subpoenas in court. Ideally he want’s the House to go to the DOJ, as has been the way for almost 100 years, to get it’s subpoenas enforced. With the current AG this is a total non-starter and could waste years if work correctly. Unfortunately the House leadership was on to this tactic and has chosen to just add the refusal to honor the subpoenas as just one more count to the “Obstruction of Congress/Justice” charge in impeachment. A small thing granted, but not insignificant.

The next tactic is to obfuscate the issues. So far, it is change use of change the subject and admit the act but deny the criminality. And finally we are now seeing the use of ‘Not me, they did it.’ All of these are being mixed together into a Goulash of epic proportions. We have yet to see just what effect this will have. This Goulash has two goals. The first is to give the Republicans in the House talking points that have some semblance of respectability. This they dearly need at this time. How do we know this, simply because they keep changing their objections to what the House Committee is doing. Until last week it was all about transparency and procedures. Now that both the depositions are being made public and the public hearing scheduled they are complaining about the rules of the hearing trusting that the average voter will neither know of care that the Committee is using the rules crafted under Republican leadership. (Personally I thank it is crass of the Democrats to use the rules that the Republicans crafted. Don’t they know it is just not done? The principle is I get to use ‘These rule and you get to use those rules’. Really now, how low can you go?)

The goal here is two fold. First is to take so long in actually passing the Impeachment in the House that the Senate Trial will not start until spring of 2020 or later. Then Trump and the Senate can say “Let the people decide.” Failing that, and so far it is looking like it is failing, have enough fog and smoke that the Republican Senators who are up for re-election in 2020 have some effective cover when they vote for acquittal. So far this looks to be on track. After all the last thing the Republicans need is a ‘smoking gun’ like what took out Pres. Nixon.

On this last point I have little hope for anything happening like what took out Nixon. This is not the 1970’s and the Republican Party of 2020 is not the Republican Party of 1970’s. I see no Howard “Henry” Baker, nor Barry Goldwater in this Senate. At this time we need people, in all parties, who can stand above Partisanship and put the Country and Constitution first. But maybe they are there in the Senate they will stand up and be counted. I hope and pray it is so.