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A Time for Pride and Gratitude

Child Sacrifice

Like the ancient Philistines of Canaan we should be feeling pride in and gratitude to those parents who have given up there children today in Saugus, Ca on the alter of the 2nd Amendment. Once more we see that there is no price to high to pay to defend our right to keep and bear arms. Nothing we will not sacrifice to honor our great fear of our own government. So let us sing to heaven on high the glory that is the NRA.

Am I upset? Yes, yes I am. I’m very upset. Once more we have a school shooting killing and/or wounding too many of our children. With true cosmic irony just as the shooting was happening the United States Senate, in all it’s wisdom, has refused to even address another bill that attempts to deal, even in a minor way, the tragic events facing us. I have been following this debate for over thirty years and the only thing that has changed is the intransigence of the NRA, the Gun Lobby and their fearful supporters.

Do I have any hope that this time things will change? No, I do not. An why do I feel this way? Simply put I see no one coming forward with a method to Assuage the fear that has been placed in the harts of too many of my fellow Americans. I see three basic fears that have been stoked by both the Gun Lobby (aka gun manufacturers) and the NRA. The first fear is the traditional fear of our how governments. The second fear is the fear that the only thing keeping our government from becoming oppressive is the 2nd amendment and that if we allow it to be changed in the smallest way we will loose it all. An the third fear is the fear of THEM. You know who I speak of the great evil of THOSE PEOPLE over there who are not like us.

Of these three, the last is the oldest and the hardest to put to rest. The first is most easily challenged by just asking if “Your not a Patriot?” Be ready for an explosive response, but be cool in it’s face and the explanation will disappear in time. Then look mildly and ask them that “How can a patriot fear his own government?” Be ready for a long and involved statement that the government is not the nation. Then look at them, like you would a young child and say”I see why we still need Civics in our schools.” An then leave it at that. They will need time, a lot of time for some, to work their way thru but some will see their way thru to to truth.

The second fear is more difficult to deal with and much more easy to deal with badly. I’ve found, after too many years of doing it badly, a method that sometimes works. (Point here, the second fear has as it’s foundation the logical fallacy of the “Slippery Slope” so take care.) When this fear rears its ugly head I have found that if I say “Even if that is true, I trust people like you from going that far. Or don’t you think you are up to the challenge to keep us from going down the slope too fare?” Again, just leave it there and wait to see what bears fruit.

The third and final fear is the oldest fear and we all have to deal with it in our lives, no mater who we are. This is the same fear that lead the Philistines to offer up their children in sacrifice. It can only be dealt with, with courage. All I’ve ever been able to say in it’s face is “I’m sorry you are so afraid. Let me help you.” Sometime, occasionally, I can give some help and start them on the way to setting aside the fear.

So why did I just write the last few paragraphs if I feel there is little chance of any change? I Guess I’m just a Cock Eyed Optomistist. I wrote the first paragraph because I was upset, I’m still upset now. I will stay upset till this tragic episode in our national history is put behind us. Till then we can take pride and joy in our children being offered up in sacrifice to the great god Power/Position/Profit. An I expect we will get as good a result as the ancient Philistines did, that is no at all.