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A Vulcan’s response to MAGA

Just yesterday Pres. Trump brought up the “Attack on Thanksgiving”. He has ‘heard’ that some people, assuredly liberals, want to change the name of Thanksgiving Day. His assurance to MAGA that he will not let this happen got a huge ovation. It is also quite simple for him to do as I have not found a single instance out side of “Conspiracy Central” demanding any change.

I’m really not interested in the actual charge but rather the reaction to the charge. One of the key characteristics of MAGA’s is their belief that they are the victims, they are just defending themselves from the attacks of the ‘Left’. When dealing with a MAGA it is helpful to remember that no mater the situation they are the victims. It is the actions of others that are making them act the way they do and words of others that make them say what they say. An when they aren’t being victimized they will make things up.

I can hear you now saying “And just what does this have to do with Vulcans?” Just this, Mr. Spock is the most famous of Vulcans, and he showed just how to deal with the types of responses you will get from MAGAs when they confront you. Because MAGAs are almost always the victim in a confrontation and because they have learned in life that to attack is what they have to do, they will attempt to control the debate from the very beginning. We saw this set of tactics used in this months House Hearings on Impeachment and we saw how being a Vulcan is a great response to these tactics.

First you stick to the rules, as published. You do not allow anyone, your side, their side, nobody’s side, any leniency or wiggle room when following the rules. An more than anything else you don’t let their antics get under your skin. This is exactly what Chairman Schiff did in the hearings the past two weeks. It is what I hope Chairman Nadler does in the coming weeks.