Any Takers Out There?

Child Sacrifice

One of the great lies in the debate over legal abortion is the ”Right” saying they are the side of “Right to Life”. I’ve done a little research on just where this mime came from and unfortunately I’ve come up with too many answers to say for sure. What I can say for sure is that it is only half true. They really don’t care about the life the fetus gets, only that it gets to live. Once Born, most, if not all, Right to Lifers could care less about the newborn.

In fact they really could care less about the unborn child. To confirm this just look at all of the programs the Right to Lifers, or Conservative Movement, GOP, and/or Republicans support that provide pre-natal care. I’ll wait for you to list them (please do in the comments). ……….. Done? As for myself I could find none. zip, nadda, none. Not to be too brutal but it seems that the babies involved are of little importance to all of the political leadership. Quite Trumpian.

So, what is the Republican who thinks of themselves as apposing abortion on moral grounds. And who does care about the newborn to do? I’d recommend you start promoting programs for pre-natal care. For newborn care. For child care. For very good schools. An this should be for all children, no means testing, no testing on the parents. Any Takes Out There?