Prof. Morearty is Alive and a Woman

img_0028I have finally figured out what all the Hillary haters have known all along.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, it is so obvious.  Just ask yourself, in all of the history of crime who is the greatest master-mind?  Who defeated time and again the Greatest Detective of all time?  Who else but Prof. James Moriarty?  But he was he really a he?  It is obvious, given her ability to avoid all prosecution that Prof. Moriarty was really a she and she is running for Presedent.

Not only is she over a century old, she was able to poise as a man so well in Victorian England so well she was able to get an advance degree and get a position teaching in an all male school.  She then went and staged her own death so effectively that the Great Detective thought she had died ant the Riechenbach Falls before making her way to the Americas.  Living far longer that anyone else would be a mere  bagatelle for her. Forging a perfect cover as a US citizen a no brainer.

She is now running for president under her newest identity HRC on the Democratic ticket.  I don’t know why  Breitbart or FOXNews hasn’t figured this out.  Could thier silence be a part of her  nefarious and complex plan ?  Can this revelation save the GOP form an inglorious defeat?  More in the next exciting posting of “Jammie Moriarty Master Criminal “