Another Modest Proposal

2nd Amendment on a scroll

Given the recent shooting incidents I should like to put forward my idea for what can be done. I have taken in consideration the McDonald v. City of Chicago in as many of the relevant court rulings as I can. All these proposals can be implemented by changes to the National Guard and Conscription laws.

1: All persons who own or possess arms (guns) shall be enlisted in a State’s Militia

This would be limited to persons between the age of 18 and 65 (or the current age for SS retirement eligibility).

2: State Militia shall be required to attend two consecutive days, each month, of formal training

The monthly training of the State Militia shall be detailed in the State National Guards regulation and shall meet DOD training standards.

3: No person not enrolled in a State Militia shall be subject to conscription until all persons in the State Militia has been called into active duty by the National Government

This should be implemented in such a way as to allow those members of the State Militia that are unfit, physically or mentally, for active duty to be counted as having been called for active duty.

4: Any and all unlawful actions taken by a member of a State’s Militia evolving arms (guns) shall be subject to military justice as it apples to active duty Militia