“By the pricking of my thumbs.”

“Something wicked this way comes”

As some of you may know the above quote comes from the play McBeth (act 4, sene 1). Many more will know that the play is one of Shakespeare’s tragedies and is about a very bad king.

With the coming of Pres. Trump and the turning in of the Mueller Report, we are now seeing, what I like to identify them as, Movement Conservatives really coming out of the wood work. They are greatly emboldened to push thru their agenda and grab for ultimate power. Mostly because of the new A.G. Barr has publicly said that the President, when he is a Republican in nothing else, can not be investigated. Nor may he be charged. Additionally he can stop any investigation he chooses when ever he thinks it is best, particularly those investigations that are directed at him/her. Pres. Trump now seems to be acting like he can do what he wants, when he want, to whom he wants, in anyway he wants. Just like the Kings of old.

In the past two weeks we have seen the threat of military action in Venezuela, Korea and Iran. We are seeing US military actions taking place in the Middle East with responses by Iran. Also we have several State Legislators passing or getting ready to pass laws that are currently unconstitutional in the hope that the ‘new’ “Conservative” Supreme Court will use one or more of them to over turn “Roe vs Wade”. Funny how so few people remember that the SCOTUS of ‘Roe’ was considered ‘conservative’ at the time?

I am really not sure where all these things will lead to, but I am sure we will be living with the results and effects for the next few decades, even if Donald Trump is not re-elected. One of the results I will be working for, and I encourage others to do is when you disagree with what is happening to resist to your up most. It doesn’t mater how much, every little bit is needed. You need not be a MacDuff, you don’t even need to be a spear carrier. If nothing else you can bear witness to the actions taken. So I leave you with the closing couplet of the pay that I started this with……

“Lay on MacDuff, and damned be he who cries Hold! Enough!”