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Me and the ACA

This is a red letter day for me, my MediCal application has been accepted.  This means that UCLA et al will be paid by MediCal in total since I was making less than $600/Mo when I had my hart attack last year.  The bad news is that because I had to retire, my hart is too week for me to work, and I’m now living solely on Social Security.  It seems that MediCal feels that now make too much and from now on any time in any given month I will have to pay the first $840 for any medical.  For someone like me that is just as good as having nothing but catastrophic.

I wanted to see what the ACA could do for me next year.  Being a Californian I went to Covered California and found several plans under $100 with very low co-pays (usually $20).  So if the rules of MediCal don’t change this coming January I have something to fall back on.  The old system sucked for anyone in my situation.  Uninsurable people like me, I had preexisting condition(s) that every insurance company I contacted used to turn me down.  Under ACA this is no longer the case.  Nice now that I have a condition I need to see the doctor every three to six months and I now need to take 9 different Meds every day too.  Even the poorest, lest expensive plan on the site will be much better for me than what MediCal is doing for me currently.

I plan to keep posting my adventure thru Medical Insurance, MediCal and the ACA. So keep an eye out for my next exciting chapter.  An to everyone out there who want to scrap ACA and go back to the wonderful system we had before I say this 😛