“Fake News”

Since Donald Trump first came down the escalator some two years ago to announce his running for the Presidecy we have been hearing a lot about “Fake News”.  This comes mostly from the Right and is usually applied to anything they hold to be an attack on them.  The use of the label “Fake News” has gotten so prevalent we rarely, if ever, hear “Liberal Biase” of the press.  What is interesting to me is that This epithet, while new in words, is not new.  All ‘Fake News’ is, is “agitation & propaganda” (aka Agi-Prop).  And it has been around for a very very long time.

The problem with using this new label by the Right is that they have been so successful in the use of agi-prop since the late 1940’s in this country is that few people in the the middle and even few on the left take them seriously.  For far too long the Right has told the country about the 57 ‘communist’ agents (which were never shown to exist) to eminent threat to white women if we let N…. live in ‘our’  neighborhood to all the elections that had hundreds of illegal aliens voting.  The Right has had it too easy for too long.

It is time for everyone right, Left, Middle of the Bird need to say ‘Enough’ to the Right’s Agi-Prop machine.  Get your act togeather and do a proper job.  You’ve become the Used Car Salesman of politics.  No one really beleaves you anymore.  No more can you say “I believe this, so it is a fact”, nor I have my facts and you have yours.  Facts, are Facts.

Let me be very very clear, even in politics, facts are simple things and you can not just pick an  choose what is and isn’t a fact.  To put it quite simply a fact has to be more than a belief or opinion.  It has to be objectively demonstratable.  A fact is not just something you read in on the internet, their must be hard, demostratable, data supporting it.  Just because report supports your beliefs or makes you feel good doesn’t make it factual.  Indeed, you need to be  suspicious the report because it does support your beliefs.

Finally, I want to say this to the GOP, if you don’t want go the way of your political predecessors you need to get a handle on the Rights Agi-Prop machine.  You need to have Facts, not Alt-Facts, not Beliefs, and not Opinion to salt your Agi-Prop and you need to stop over using ‘Fake News’.  The Right is the master of ‘Fake News’ and we all know it.