Go an Vote

Some Good Advice

Well it is that time once more, tomorrow, Nov 3rd, is Election Day. I hope that like me you have already voted but if you haven’t….Please go and Vote tomorrow.

While in this election I can not say I don’t care who you vote for, I do, I feel it is even more important that everyone who can, goes and vote. This is because I feel this is the most important election I’ve ever participated in. This election, more than any other, is for the good of the nation. It is for the Soul of the nation. It is about just what kind of Nation we will be in times to come.

There are a great many forces out there that are doing their best to destroy everything this Nation aspires to be. I don’t need to tell you who these forces are, we have been seeing them at work for the last four years. They want you to think your vote doesn’t mater. That even if you do vote it won’t be counted. That even if it is counted it will be ignored. They LIE.

Yes, there will be some places and people that are doing their upmost to keep people from voting. To keep votes from being counted or hundreds of other things to put a wrench in the process’ of democracy. So VOTE. An more than that watch what happens in the days and week to come. To quote an early American Patriot “Now is the time for all good men to come to the ad of their Country!”