Remember November 2016

 As it is exactly 28 days to the mid-term elections I thought it appropriate to point out some things I’ve been thinking about.  First and foremost this time two years ago ‘everyone’ knew that Hillary was going to win the election and be our next President.  Didn’t happen.  It is not my place to say why, others with more expreance,   Insight, and information have written mountains of things on the subject.  I dare say even more will be written in the future.  After all Donald Trumps win was stunning in more ways than one and is truly one for the history books.  No here I want to talk about something my folks thought me…..”Hope for the best, prepare for the worst”.

What I’m doing now is doing everything I can, as little as it is, to get the vote out. But living in California, an a liberal part for that mater, there is very little I can do.  So what I’m concentrating on is preparing myself mentally and spiritually for the GOP keeping control of the House and picking up some seats in the Senate.  Liberals and progressives have to be ready for all those people who have “left” the GOP to find it next to impossible to vote for a Democrat. They will either stay home or vote the same old way they have always done.  To have a true Blue Wave we need every vote we can get.  Most particularly in all of the Red States and Districts if this is going to work.

Finally all of the Blue bastions, States, Counties and districts need to get ready for a TON of retaliation to come down on our heads.  The Trumpkins belieave in taking  vengeance on EVERYONE they think just may have been anything less than totally loyal and dutifull.  We must be ready for some very long hard times in the next two years as Trump and his supports do everything they can to drive the Not Trump Vote into the ground.  An to all those conservatives out there, this mean you too, if you haven’t been loudly, publicly, unthinking supporter of TRUMP,  THE GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER.


See you at the poles in four weeks and if you don’t vote just remember “It is just as much your fault as all those who vote for the GOP/Trump”.