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Some thoughts on “National Emegancy” and Impeachment


As we pass thru the 34th day of what I call the ”Great Wall Impass” and others the Government shutdown we once more hear about the Trump Whitehouse talking about declaring a “National Emegancy” to get his wall built.  If this happens I think the House of Representatives will have good grounds to start the Impechment process.

I do not take this step lightly but if Donald J Trump does declare a National Emegancy it will be, in my view, a High  Misdemeanor.  Specifically it will be the abuse of power under the color of law.  It is clear from the both the congressional debates on the law that grants the President the power to declare a National Emegancy (and from the use of this power by all other holders of the office) that the event(s) that require the President to declare a National Emegancy are both catastrophic and time sensitive.  The situation on our southern boarder is neither catastrophic nor time sensitive.

To declare a National Emergancy to both defy the will of Congress on the expenditure of tax money and to  seize private property to build his wall would be a gross misuse of Presidential power.  Even if the courts rule agains Donald J Trump in these actions it will not change the facts at issue.

Finally, we can not let any President, ever, to act in such a gross and blatant use of power.  On that road lines the end of American democracy.