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My Two Cents, Once Agian

 It has been two days since the primary in New Your and a lot has happened.  An avowed democratic socialist defeated the number 4 man in the House of Representatives do to a great campaign by her and a slovenly campaign by him.  Yesterday Justice Kennedy announced his retirement and by so doing has given President Trump his second SCOTUS nomination.  What do these two thing have in common?  The show that “The Times they are a Changing”.

The old leadership of the Democrat Party is just about shot it’s bolt and is now going to be replaced, just like the GOP’s leadership is being shown the door, too.  In the not to distant future we may well end up with a four party system divided into two caucus’, let us call one Red and the other Blue.  Both the Reds and Blues will consist of similar factions.  One will be the social conservative/liberal and the other the economic conservative/liberal. This split will cause the GOP a much great problem in the House, as we have seen this last Congress, than it will the Democrats when the get into power.

What does this a mean for the average Joe/Jane out there?  It means that getting out to vote is more important than ever.  It means motivating people who’s views of a mater you agree with to get out and speak up.  Machine politics depends on voter apathy.  It wants you to belieave the LIE that “They are all the Same” and “There is nothing I can do”.  This is going to sound strange but both the election of Trump and the Primary in NY shows that anything is possible.  If a total  douche bag like Trump can get elected and if a total unknown like Ocasio-Cortez win the primary against the essence of machine politics then anything can and will happen.

If you are tired of Gerrymandering to keep the elections ‘safe’.  If you object (cry) about the Children being separated from their parents because some idiot thinks “Zero Tolerance” is the way to enforce the law.  If you don’t want to see the return of the “back room abortions” just because of one vote on SCOTUS.  If you thinks Unions are a good thing. Then you need to:

Get out and Orginize.  Get out and speak up every time you see injustice.  An Most importantly you need to get out and VOTE.