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Why I trust Trump & Kim

For sometime now my liberal friends have been wondering why I say I trust both Donald Trump Kim Jong-un.  It has to do with my being so longical and something I Father tought me.  Pops used to say “you can always trust a  dishonest man, he will cheat you every chance he gets.  It is the honest man you have to watch out for, he’ll cheat you only when he has to.”

It took me quite some time to figure out just what he was saying.  I first had to understand my Father was being just a bit cheeky about honest men.  Most people try to be honest but they more often than not fail and end up doing the dishonest thing.  They are often quite guilt about it, I knowI am.  An like most people I try and make amends for my dihonesty as I am sure other people are too.

What Poppa was say, quite simply is the dishonest person is predictable, dependable, you know when give the chance he will do the dishonest thing.  He won’t feel guilty and he won’t try to make amends.  Indeed the dishonest person will see you as a sucker, a rube, who deserves what he gets.  Both Trump and Kim are dishonest.  They promise anything you want because they have no intention of keeping their promise unless they are made to. As another old saying goes “All tellers are honest while the boss is watching.”

So I do trust Trump and Kim.  I trust them to act dishonestly ever chance the get.  Every time they see a chance for personal gain they will take it.  I do not trust them to keep their word, indeed I trust them to break their word at the first opportunity.  I only trust their actions, never what they say.