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A Challange to the Pro Gun folks

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It has been over a week since Las Vegas so it is, in my opinion, time to start talking about how we can prevent an occurrence.  As has become habitual we basically have two sides, the pro gun control side and the pro gun side.  Today I am going to address just the pro gun side.  What I’m not going to do is say you are wrong, nor am I going to challenge any of your arguments favoring gun ownership.  What I am going to do is issue you a specific challenge and wait and see if you are willing to take it up.

What and/or How do you propose to take action to prevent the kind of mass murder that took place in Las Vegas?  There are some conditions

1) No changes to the laws in regards to guns.  None.

2) No change in how we inforce the current gun laws on the books.  Not Federal, not State, not Local.

That’s it.  Guns are off the table.  Ammunition is off the table.  Anything doing with pistols, or long arms is off the table.

I really do want to hear from you and see your ideas.  I’m sick and tired of people talking past each other on this issue.  Now is a great time for the pro gun lobby to step up and show what they are made of and put forth good solid ideas on what we are going to do mass murder that uses firearms.  Can you do it?

WARNING: If I don’t hear anything, if no suggestions or ideas are put forward I will take that as tacit agreement that the pro gun lobby holds that we just have to accept these casualties.  More on this later if I hear nothing.