The Coming Seldon Crisis



Early this week when I started writing about the coming Seldon Crisis I did not expect to have such stunning and clear evidence that it has arrived available to me.  As I write this the Joint meeting of the House Judical and Oversight & Reform committees are continueing and in the over fourty years that I have watched congressional committees I have never seen such a show.   Not since the Army McCarthy hearings has things going this off the tracks. (For those of you who would like to know more try this link to the Best documentary on the subject Point of Order). The attacks on Agent Strozk for his admittedly indiscreet texts seem to be falling into two basic categories.

The “We Hate Hillary” Republicans, and the Trumpest  sycophants.  Both seem to hold the position that the tweets of, so far, two individuals about how Trump would never be elected and/or how bad his election would be shows just how politically corrupt, bias and/or un American the FBI is.  The use the tweets to show that the current investigation in to Russian interference in the 2016 is totally driven by the FBI’s total ‘ hatred’ of Donald Trump or Love of Hillary.  That it is now thought quite likely that the announcement of the re-opening of the Hillary eMail investigation only weeks before Election Day had an effect on the election seem to pass them by completely.

The use of rhetorical tools and masive logical fallacies by these two groups of Republicans.  My current favorite action is the the plain statement that Agent Strozk, while under oath, was and is lying.  An then to go on and say in response to a ‘Point of Order’ that since this was the Representative ‘s “question” (even though it was made in the form of a statement and no question was asked) that the accusation was not in violation of House Rules.  We are now returning to the good old days of the ‘Great Red Scare’ of the McCarthy era.  Once more the extrem right wing of the GOP has lost sight of Honor, Justic and Trueth in the name of short term political gain.

They are once more moving into the dangerous realm of Transactional politics.  All we have is I win so you loose or you win and therefor I must  lose.  This kind of politics never ends well.  Even those who are seen as coming out ahead come out with many battle scars. What is worse for the GOP is that they are being plaid for dopes by their supposed friends.  What is worse for the USA is that most of this is just Mastrovka of Russia.  We will truely miss what is really being done by Putin and the Russian Oligarchs.  Just as in the ‘Great Red Scare’ we totally missed the real KGB spy ring(s) and only saw the ones they wanted us to see.

Russia wants us to spend all our time looking at the FBI and/or Hillary Emails and/or who knows what so that we do not look at how they are taking control of Social Media and the flow of information.  They are now seeking to control what we believe is news.  That the only thing you belieave is News is that which you agree with.  This is the first part of the Sheldon Crisis we are now facing.  The rise of “True News”.  News that we hold is true because we want to belieave it is true and we want to believe it is true because all of the news sources we lesion to are controlled by the Oligarchs.